March 2017
Think back to around five years ago. Do you remember how and when Snapchat Stories started infiltrating our lives? Because I don’t, although I do remember some more “affluent” friends of mine discussing it at some point. Not that I wasn’t tech savvy enough to be able to use the application, but smartphones – or...
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Following up on the first post of this topic – where the journey of developing a chatbot for community management was discussed – this post is going to tell you the lessons learnt during the process. There’s a major learning scope Bots aren’t a recent invention (ask Siri!), but in the Pakistani market, they might as...
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While founding Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely WASN’T being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. Rather, we wanted to be the superheroes for small and medium sized businesses, to help them grow. But for a long time now, we’ve been noticing some boring routine habits which definitely had...
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