September 2017
Birbal Chatbot by DE Team
The chatbot our team was working on is finally live. And yes, it now has a name: Birbal 😀 As mentioned in my previous blog post, when we had founded Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely wasn’t being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. We have always tried implementing...
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Video is simply the most powerful and engaging form of content businesses use to communicate their messages to customers. According to a HubSpot survey, almost 50% of marketers will be adding YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution in the next year and 33% of inbound marketers listed visual content creation, such as videos, as...
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Creatives are an important aspect of digital marketing, there’s no doubt it. A wonderfully crafted copy or a well designed image can at times produce overnight success for your brands. But while working with over 100+ businesses on their digital marketing strategies, what I have realized is that even the most creative designs fail in...
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