April 2020
Psychographic vs Behavioral Segmentation
Imagine this: You’re an automobile showroom that deals with various types of vehicles including SUVs, Sedans and commercial vehicles.
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What You Need To Know About the Facebook Learning Phase
Ever faced this problem of not getting the optimum results from your Facebook ads even though you are spending a lot on the platform, and targeting the right audience? Are you tired of combating the “Learning” or “Learning Limited” error that your ads keep showing?
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Targeting Strategy
Customers are the lifeblood of a business around whom most of us plan our products, marketing activities and even operations. And the best way to reach them is through a carefully planned targeting strategy. Take a look at how you can review and align your targeting strategy to its best potential.
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Digital Marketing Platforms
Identifying the problems in your buyer persona was the first step of going back to the basics of your business during this downtime. But it isn’t always necessary for the issue to lie in your targeting. That is why the second step is to review your marketing platforms and content.
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Digital Marketing Funnel
A marketing funnel provides you with a step by step approach to develop attention, interest and desire within your target market for subsequent actions that lead them to become your customers. Take a look at how you can optimize your digital marketing funnel for maximum results.
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Coronavirus Outbreak: Tips to Work Productively from Home
The entire world continues to fight the global pandemic Coronavirus & its resulting consequences. As part of this pandemic, many companies are shifting to work from home model.
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