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Author Archives: Safeer E Hussain


Birbal – A Chatbot by Digital Eggheads

The chatbot our team was working on is finally live. And yes, it now has a name: Birbal 😀 As mentioned in my…
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Team DE Concludes Its Digital Marketing Certification – Digital Ninja

While there is a lot of emphasis in digitalizing of marketing, there aren’t many learning platforms available for marketing enthusiasts and business owners…
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4 Lessons Learnt From Making a Community Management Chatbot

Following up on the first post of this topic – where the journey of developing a chatbot for community management was discussed – this…
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The Time I Created A Facebook Chatbot For Community Management

While founding Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely WASN’T being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. Rather,…
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From IBA? Enjoy Upto 15% discount from Digital Eggheads

Do you feel like starting your own business but don’t where know to start? Don’t worry. According to a report by United Nations…
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