Safeer E Hussain
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Design Thinking is the secret recipe to success when you are working in a competitive service industry. Read more about its implementation.
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Instagram Egg Trend and Pakistani Brands
The record for the most liked photo on Instagram has been broken. See how Pakistani Brands responded to the trend.
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Birbal Chatbot by DE Team
The chatbot our team was working on is finally live. And yes, it now has a name: Birbal 😀 As mentioned in my previous blog post, when we had founded Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely wasn’t being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. We have always tried implementing...
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While there is a lot of emphasis in digitalizing of marketing, there aren’t many learning platforms available for marketing enthusiasts and business owners where they can get training on this relatively newer form of marketing. To fill this gap and provide quality training in the field of digital marketing, our team at Digital Eggheads conducted...
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Following up on the first post of this topic – where the journey of developing a chatbot for community management was discussed – this post is going to tell you the lessons learnt during the process. There’s a major learning scope Bots aren’t a recent invention (ask Siri!), but in the Pakistani market, they might as...
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While founding Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely WASN’T being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. Rather, we wanted to be the superheroes for small and medium sized businesses, to help them grow. But for a long time now, we’ve been noticing some boring routine habits which definitely had...
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From IBA Enjoy Discounts featured
Do you feel like starting your own business but don’t where know to start? Don’t worry. According to a report by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), you are one of the, 23% (approx. 12 million) of Pakistan’s youth who wish to start their own business, but “are clueless on the procedures & requirements”. In order...
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