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Birbal – A Chatbot by Digital Eggheads

By September 21, 2018November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

The chatbot our team was working on is finally live. And yes, it now has a name: Birbal 😀

As mentioned in my previous blog post, when we had founded Digital Eggheads, we had a lot of aims, one of which definitely wasn’t being just another mainstream digital marketing agency. We have always tried implementing stuff which were new to the Pakistani market. Usually, our new side projects included researches and feedbacks from our previous experiences. And our experiences where the reason why we decided to create Birbal.

The idea was basically to make a bot that makes sure your potential customers can always talk to your restaurant, even after your restaurant is closed and your team has stopped working! Using Birbal means 70% of your restaurant’s communication can be automated. This can save time and effort of both customers and restaurants.

Features & Pricing:

The product is divided into 3 monthly subscription plans: Birbal Essential, Birbal Plus & Birbal Pro priced at $29.99, $49.99 & $99.99 respectively.


With Birbal’s user friendly step-by-step procedure, customers can easily book or edit a reservation, share feedback about the food, ambiance or service of a restaurant. With just a few clicks, customers can ask for menus, special offers and other important information from the restaurant like their address and timings.

Furthermore, with its step by step reservation procedure, Birbal is an ideal way to make sure none of your customer’s information is missed out or replaced.


Birbal comes with a dashboard for restaurant owners which include a complete customer reservation & complaint management, along with all the vital information that restaurants can customize as per their requirements.

The portal also includes a scheduling mechanism, so that it is easy to turn the chatbot on/off.

The full feature list can be checked on our chatbot website: Talk to Birbal.

Even though Birbal Essential is launched, there’s a lot more that needs to be worked on. You can test it here and drop us your comments.