A Festival to Remember

Ramadan is a big time for brands in Canada! And that’s when Eid festivals are at their peak, bringing people together to celebrate their culture, and mingle with each other. At such a time, we were tasked with bringing maximum footfall to a similar festival. So how did we, a team in Pakistan, achieve such amazing growth in a post-COVID festival in Canada? Let’s find out.


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At the top of their game!

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The festival wasn’t without its challenges, though

  • It was the first big Eid event being held on-premises after COVID. People would obviously think before registering.
  • A new domain for our team, who’d worked on event marketing, but not at this scale.
  • A huge time difference meant communication wasn’t always as smooth as we wanted it to be.
  • The absolute pain that is Meta Event ads. How do you ensure people will visit even if they RSVP?
  • Increased competition in the Canadian market, especially with more events being held at the same time.
  • A very short time to bring the expected results. Yes, we only had a month!

So, what did we do?

First, we figured out our funnel

As we mentioned above, with Meta ads, you never know how to actually engage people to commit to your event. Unless it’s paid, which the GTA Festival wasn’t.

So we decided to set up our funnel first, which started with video views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; moved on to event ads to increase RSVPs, engagement ads to collect audience data, and finally, ended with lead ads on Facebook and ticket registrations on EventBrite.

That pretty much automated our marketing, and all we had to do was make sure our leads received their tickets, all engaged audience was retargeted, and email campaigns reminded everyone of the upcoming event.

Also, we didn’t shy away from Urdu

Everyone loves a happening event. But what actually ensures they’re interested in the said festival? A relatable content strategy. So, considering our audience was mainly the desi diaspora, we had to target them with copies they understood by heart.

So we used Urdu to make our point with our campaign, Des in Pardes. This strategy ticked all our boxes: it was easily understandable, invoked nostalgia in people, and had just the right festive feel, thanks to our ace designs.

A handy budget never hurts!

When you’re trying to make an impact by bringing people together in a never-held-before event, you gotta make sure you’ve got the budget to reach them all.

And we had that. Only, our job was to optimize it as much as could. From using our Pixel learning to the max to using well-learned audience setups and attractive visuals, we created a media plan that covered all important touchpoints, so that we didn’t miss on any crucial audience data.

Team takeaways

  • Be ready to take risks. If your strategy is foolproof, it’ll pay off!
  • Always speak in your customer’s voice. It’ll link them to your brand like nothing else.
  • Remember, everyone loves the festivities of Eid!
  • Never underestimate the power of communities.

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