A Flash Sale Story

What happens when a retail brand decides to engage its audience in a sale like never before? With a 3-hour window, 10% of the usual monthly budget, and a bunch of creatives, we made sure to achieve these astounding numbers.


Return on Ad Spend

Rs 83.86

Cost per Purchase


Ad Recall Lift Rate

Flexible and Efficient

“Really appreciate how flexible you guys are to take upon our urgent work at the last minute.”

Contented Client

Impressed? We had our fair share of challenges to achieve this

  • A very small window of time for sale generation.
  • Meta’s very strict learning policy takes about 2 hours to stabilize.
  • A niche, luxury product line with a niche audience.
  • A team that had never worked on such a sale before.
  • Operational concerns, which could ultimately lead to negative feedback.
  • Uncertain traffic numbers, and an unpredictable result forecast.
  • An expectation of a 3.0 return on ad spend.
  • And an untested strategy, which we’ll explain below…

So, what did we do?

First, we decided to run Brand Awareness

For a flash sale to work well, your ad strategy should be at least 90% sound. But you never know with Meta, and when it leaves you high and dry. Plus, we had to make sure our audience knew what was coming, and we could wait till the last minute to do that.

So we started with brand awareness ads among people likely to remember our ads. Our idea was to showcase exclusivity, create urgency, and reach as many people as we could.

Then came a very handy Meta feature: scheduling

For a campaign to run smoothly, it needs to go through the Meta review process and learning phase without a hitch. But if you have only 3 hours to run them, and can’t afford a lengthy review period, what do you do?

You schedule your ads beforehand and make sure they’re reviewed and ready to go as soon as the hour strikes. And it worked because the campaigns we scheduled gave us better results than the ones we published an hour before the sale.

Those never ran, at all!

Let’s also applaud our audience & content

Strategies aside, your ideas won’t work if your content doesn’t speak to your audience. So we made sure our ads were as clear as possible, with products clearly visible so people could view them and take action.

With a blend of Advantage+ campaigns to leverage previous learning, and PDP ads to take people directly to their desired products, with some videos, instant experiences, and lifetime spending ad sets, we took a leap of faith, and it worked!

Team takeaways

  • Always be ready to experiment. Sometimes, on the go!
  • Trust the learning curve; whether it’s yours, or Meta’s.
  • Expect the worst, but always work for the best.
  • And lastly, always celebrate the wins.

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