Furnishing a Decorative Presence

Many brands find it difficult to transition to a digital space from an analog one – especially a home decor one based in a densely populated market. Possessing a complex website that made it difficult for SERPs or users to navigate, our main goal became to make the brand easily accessible to its audience through SEO. With a customer base already present, we implemented our well-crafted plan methodically, and got some amazing numbers!


Increase in top 10 keywords


Increase in revenue


Increase in organic traffic

Our sales went up month on month!

“Digital Eggheads has been a great help, and have pushed our sales up month on month. The team is very efficient and easy to work with, and always available for support and requests.”

Delighted Patron

A Hurdle Seldom Experienced

  • A complex and stubborn website layout
  • A lack of non-branded keywords
  • A lack of quality backlinks to boost domain authority
  • No proper content structure or layout

But Every Hurdle is an Opportunity

Refurbishing Content from Top to Bottom

Starting off with a technical audit, we analyzed a few recurring issues on the brand’s site that were a hurdle in their SEO progress. And so began our renovation process with a spruce of content pieces, articles, and meta tags. We also built some top-notch backlinks and even set up a Google business profile to give the brand a warm and inviting ambiance.

The dynamic results didn’t take long to show, with a 70% increase in backlinks, and the DA rating going from 26 to 42. Now, with a strong base established, we went to work on making the brand more attractive and profitable from an SEO perspective.

Enhancing Visibility Through Keywords

Once we had the site up and running to our standards, we knew now that we need more, fresh traffic. Not just any traffic, but organic traffic, driven by a transactional intent. To that end, we started employing different keywords. Initially, we used short-tail keywords just to get a higher SERP. Subsequently, we added long-tail keywords to attract new customers and make finding the brand easier for the existing ones.

These steps allowed us to push our brand on the SERPs as well as make sure that accessibility was complemented by the inflow of new customers. The results: an 82% increase in the top 10 keywords which helped optimize our performance on Google.

The Means Boost The Ends

All these measures would have been in vain if the revenue stream stayed the same. We measure the efficacy of our performance by comparing the financial health of a brand before and after our arrival. All the indicators showed that our strategy was working.

Achieving a 200% increase in revenue for our client, we realized we had the foundations set to take them to the next level. By uploading more content in line with SEO and constantly updating the website to maximize user satisfaction, we know we’re on the right track.

Team takeaways

  • Repetitive keywords? Then it’s time to explore new horizons and unearth those untapped search queries that can help rank your brand better.
  • Don’t limit yourself to website errors. There’s plenty of growth waiting to happen if you just make the right call on content.
  • When the client is willing to give you time, you don’t need to rush. Take it slow and smart, and progress will follow.

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