Making Furniture Great Again!

Everyone uses furniture. But only some buy them from websites. That’s one product brick-and-mortar stores always sell better. We had our challenge cut out for us, but we didn’t back down and these numbers are proof.


Growth in YoY revenue


Increase in marketing revenue


Return on Ad Spend

Our sales went up month on month!

“Digital Eggheads has been a great help, and have pushed our sales up month on month. The team is very efficient and easy to work with, and always available for support and requests.”

Delighted Patron

It wasn’t easy reaching there, though. Here’s why

  • An international market where we hadn’t worked before.
  • An expensive product not everyone would buy online.
  • High competition in the existing market.
  • Higher expectations, which seemed super daunting.

So, what did we do?

First, we figured out the winning platform

Because in digital marketing, there’s always one platform that works better than the other. And for us, it was Google.

So thanks to an underutilized ad account, a new Performance Max campaign, and a budgetary leap into the wild, we launched a campaign that brought us 100% more sales than the previous month in its first 10 days.

Then, we started expanding

Because you can’t rely on just one platform to work for you (thanks, Meta, for the lesson!). So we started looking for new platforms aside from Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

The first of them was Pinterest. A platform we’d never used, but one we’d definitely browsed furniture on, it just made sense. And in its first month, we received 16% more checkouts, 27% higher revenue, and a 9.3% increase in avg. order value than its organic performance in the previous month.

And once we’d stabilized the platform over a few more months, we further expanded to TikTok. Stay tuned, because that’s another case study in the making!

Point to note: never underestimate user experience

UI/UX is a deeper part of marketing than you may realize. And working for this brand helped us understand that. Because if we’d set out to market such expensive furniture (hello, TV beds!) with the usual payment methods, we’d have crashed and burned.

But with a few convenient payment options, including buy now pay later, and loaning features, the revenue soared, and so did our hopes of success.

Oh, and on that note: don’t underestimate adding such features to your content, either. Your CTR will skyrocket!

Team takeaways

  • Trust the process, and learn from your mistakes.
  • Never shy away from trying something new. That’s what marketing is all about!
  • Always have a backup plan. Or actually, a backup platform.
  • Good clients appreciate. Very, very well!

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