Faysal Funds

Faysal Funds, a subsidiary of Faysal Bank, is one of Pakistan’s leading asset management companies providing investment solutions across multiple asset categories through diversification and professional advisory services.

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Being in the asset management industry for more than 10 years, Faysal Funds’ biggest challenge was to gain a competitive edge and to generate more quality leads. With so many big players in the industry, it had become a challenge for them to build trust among their audience and market their contemporary as well as Islamic investment solutions while attracting more potential leads under a set paid budget for social media channels.

Our Solution:

To counter these challenges, we came up with the following solutions as their social media agency:

  1. Creatives and Message: Investment can be technical and nerve-wracking, through our creatives and copywriting we did not only market Faysal Funds’ multiple investment solutions and funds but also addressed the pain points and desires of our target audience to communicate with them and to establish their trust.
  2. Objective Based Ads: Because their main focus was to generate leads for their investment funds, we utilized Facebook and Instagrams Lead Generation objective to collect data from potential customers.
  3. Audience Building: Faysal Funds didn’t have an active social media presence, which increased the challenge for us to create and target the right set of audience who’d have the ability to invest in multiple investment solutions. We also had to break the audience saturation barrier on Facebook, and to counter that we used the full force of Facebook’s targeting options:
    • Custom and Lookalike: We started ads on a quality audience retargeted through website and other data, along with their lookalikes to reach a more educated and aware database.
    • Saved audience: By reviewing the likes and categories of the leads curated from the above, we were able to create a saved audience that matched our buyer persona and helped us reach qualifiable cold leads.
    • This audience was then tracked on Facebook and their website to create a funnel that helped us create better results for their engagement and awareness campaigns.
  4. Awareness and Reach: While leads were our main focus, we also had to generate awareness for various milestones and offers from Faysal Funds through Google ads. We did that by creating a funnel that started with the Google Display Network, and ended on their website’s form. This helped us boost their traffic by 100% and 7 million ad impressions in a month with the help of keyword based display targeting on some of the top websites in Pakistan.


By the end of the quarter, our team was not only able to create qualifiable results for Faysal Funds, but also increase brand reach and awareness by a record number. Take a look at some of our stats below.

5M+ Viewable Impressions

600+ Qualifiable Leads in 3 months

72% Viewable Rate on Ads

12% Estimated Ad Recall Lift Rate