MasterClass Pakistan

MasterClass is a kitchen studio where they aim to revolutionize cooking classes and learning with the help of their state of the art kitchen studio and renowned chefs. Their USP is that they provide individual kitchen counters and a hands-on cooking experience to their students through certified courses.

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To create brand awareness for MasterClass in a specific target audience, and bring leads for their classes.

Our Solution:

  1. Paid Targeting
    Our objective was proper targeting through paid ads and following a minimalist yet creative design theme which will appeal to their audience and have them communicate with the brand for further details and queries. Because MasterClass provides a rather exclusive service, and their classes fall on a premium scale, our objective was to target people who had specific interests and behaviors which would help us filter the audience according to the exclusivity we were to maintain for MasterClass’s page.
  2. Communication Design
    Once the targeting was taken care of, we had to communicate their exclusivity with designs channeling that factor, and to show through those designs the high end features of the classes. We also used a human factor by showing their students cooking and getting proper hands-on experience with the chefs, so that we could promote the features of the classes properly.
  3. Digital Platform Integration
    MasterClass emphasizes on connecting with their customers directly. For this we integrated WhatsApp with their page and run ads with WhatsApp added as their CTA. This helps us create direct communication between the audience and their team.
    Other than that, we also integrated Instagram ads and thus, started reaching people through that platform as well. While the WhatsApp integration helped us create direct communication, Instagram helped us reach influencers and bloggers on that platform successfully, further increasing the brand’s reach.
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Masterclass Case 1


We’ve been able to create a niche audience for MasterClass and help them target and lock the right kind of people for their classes. In the first few months we were able to grow their brand vastly and created more awareness for them in the market. Now, from one day classes, they’ve moved to six monthly courses which are targeted to a mass audience.
We’ve also been able to increase the communication and interaction between the brand and its audience. In the past 180 days, we’ve been able to generate almost 3,000 page conversations and over 4,000 WhatsApp conversations.

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450,000+ page engagements on Facebook.

analytic chart

2,000,000+ impressions.

Over 4,000 direct conversations.