Zamzama Mall


An up and coming shopping mall on the main fashion street in Karachi, Zamzama Mall had everything: contemporary brands, ample space within the mall as well as outside for parking, even an obligatory burger joint. What it didn’t have was frequency of walk-in customers.

Paid reach for the Pre Ramzan promotional content was over 32,000 people.
Paid reach for the Pre Ramzan event was over 37,000 people. 


Zamzama Mall wanted a digital strategy which would consequently increase on-ground footfall.


Our aim for Zamzama Mall was simple – to build an audience through our campaigns which would fall into the class the brands within the mall wanted to target, as well as increase overall recognition for the mall. The first thing we did was highlight the main features of the mall which made it a better suited option for shopping. We also wanted to target their ‘human factor’, which brought to life our campaign ‘ZM Stories’ where we interviewed the brand owners including Arti Lal from L’Arte, Sheeraz Ali from Snug, and Sana Khan from Rez, arranged to have them photographed and posted their stories on social media. Our aim was to promote the brands by telling their stories from the viewpoint of the fashion entrepreneurs who owned those brands.

But the most important – and successful – campaign was for their Pre Ramzan Exhibition, an event held in collaboration with Women's Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Working in close coordination with the client, we enhanced their pre-existent designs for the event, basing our post designs on the existing brand guidelines. The campaign was backed by paid marketing which targeted an extremely close knit audience, we executed our campaign for the event on Zamzama Mall’s page. We were also involved in the BTL activity of the event. The DE Team worked on the event posters and some other on-ground stickers and fliers. Our aim was to target people most likely to attend the exhibition, and thus increase the number of walk-in customers for the mall.


With the help of our post designs, copes and paid marketing, we were able to generate substantial engagement and audience attraction for the mall. In our pre Ramadan Exhibition campaign alone we were able to reach about 70,000 people. This lead to almost double the amount of visitors they’d had in their previous event.

80,000+ Targeted Reach

From the client

Though I was quite skeptic, these guys handled the digital presence of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) event at our mall quite nicely.

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