Agha Steel Industries


Agha Steel Industries (ASI) is a leading steel producer in Pakistan and the only manufacturer using the electric arc furnace. While the company believes in bringing innovation to the steel industry of Pakistan, its digital presence was not completely reflecting its motto. Digital Eggheads was invited in to put in their ideas and develop a website that contains creativity while follows the current web-standards.

For ASI, we utilized for the first time “video-based slider”. A 15-second video showcasing the production process of Agha Steel was made instead of traditional image based slider. We had to ensure that the video size was as low as possible without compromising the quality. The whole website was made mobile-friendly with special emphasis to design-aesthetics.

Digital Eggheads also conducted a training session for the social media team of Agha Steel Industries (ASI). Insights to the current digital marketing trends along with user-psyche were shared as part of the session.


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Digital Eggheads offered us all under one roof: from designing to paid marketing. The best thing about them is even if we are unable to have regular meetings with them, we know that they are doing their work; and the results are visible on our business.
We really like your work and the terms between Tips and DE would of course continue since it’s just the beginning and we still need a lot to do in the future Inshallah.
Digital Eggheads does their work proactively and with complete ownership. They put their utmost effort to ensure that their strategies actually put an impact on the business of Kaybee’s Snack Bar.
Though I was quite skeptical, these guys handled the digital presence of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) event at our mall quite nicely.
These guys (Digital Eggheads) are the future of IT industry of Pakistan.
We saw a 100% increase in footprint at our restaurant. We weren’t expecting results this early.