Kaybees SnackBar


Kaybees SnackBar was originally linked with a creative agency that was handling their designing and social media marketing. While the services were quite on-par, Kaybees SnackBar was having one problem: the agency was working “for” them instead of “with” them. Being a new venture, Kaybees SnackBar was looking for an agency that can provide them with business strategy utilizing the digital media.

Digital Eggheads in this case is working closely with the founders to build a brand based around the tagline of Kaybees SnackBar i.e. “the royal taste”. This is helping them to differentiate from all other fast food chain out there. Utilizing the potential of Facebook marketing, Digital Eggheads is working on creating creative campaigns can impact on their walk-in business. Our aim is to set an example for other small eateries on how digital marketing provides vast opportunities even when you have limited budget resources.


Read our case study on Kaybees SnackBar: https://www.digitaleggheads.com/case-study/kaybees-snack-bar/

What clients say
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Digital Eggheads offered us all under one roof: from designing to paid marketing. The best thing about them is even if we are unable to have regular meetings with them, we know that they are doing their work; and the results are visible on our business.
We really like your work and the terms between Tips and DE would of course continue since it’s just the beginning and we still need a lot to do in the future Inshallah.
Digital Eggheads does their work proactively and with complete ownership. They put their utmost effort to ensure that their strategies actually put an impact on the business of Kaybee’s Snack Bar.
Though I was quite skeptical, these guys handled the digital presence of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) event at our mall quite nicely.
These guys (Digital Eggheads) are the future of IT industry of Pakistan.
We saw a 100% increase in footprint at our restaurant. We weren’t expecting results this early.