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Digital Eggheads x Global Pulses Conference Dubai ‘22

By May 26, 2022November 8th, 2023No Comments1 min read

The Global Pulses Confederation (GPC) is a Dubai-based confederation that represents all pulse industry value chain segments from researchers, growers, suppliers, etc. to importers, government bodies, consumers, etc. It has 24 national associations and 600+ private sector members. Every year, GPC organizes a Global Pulses Conference inviting key players from the industry to interact with each other, connect, and understand the dynamics of the ever-changing pulses market.

Ever since Covid-19 began, these events have been organized virtually, without providing many opportunities for industry experts to connect in person. But this year, with the threat of the pandemic decreasing and all global routes being opened up again, GPC held its first in-person Pulses Conference since 2019, in Dubai – and Digital Eggheads was a part of it as well.

Digital Eggheads were honored to be invited to the annual GPC conference where we had the opportunity to build connections with globally recognized organizations and increase our business prospects. With our expertise in developing web portals and the conference participants’ queries regarding it, we were able to connect with global organizations and develop formal relationships.

Digital Eggheads hopes to be a part of future conferences and to cater to GPC and every other organization that needs our assistance in expanding their business opportunities through the expertise and experience we have in the global field.