Digital Ninja - Back To The Basics!

Are you a business owner who has paused operations because of the lockdown and are concerned about how to plan your next steps? Are you wondering if this lockdown has taken your business back to square one?

We’re sure most business owners have similar concerns, but rather than taking this downtime as an obstacle for your brand, you can utilize it to retrace your steps back to the basics of your promotional strategy and analyze the gaps that have been hindering your growth. After all, it’s always a good idea to review the basics of your marketing and operations, no matter which stage of business you’re in.

So get your Ninja mode on and join us as we help you review some of the most crucial segments of your marketing and promotions and find out which area of business you can improve when you resume. Highlight the positives, identify the negatives, and create a plan that can help you build a better brand post lockdown.

  Step 1

Rethink your Targeting and Buyer Persona

Customers are the lifeblood of a business around whom most of us plan our products, marketing activities and even operations. And the best way to reach them is through a carefully planned targeting strategy. Take a look at how you can review and align your targeting strategy to its best potential.

  Step 2

Explore the Right Platform & Content

Identifying the problems in your buyer persona was the first step of going back to the basics of your business during this downtime. But it isn’t always necessary for the issue to lie in your targeting. That is why the second step is to review your marketing platforms and content.

  Step 3

Revisit your Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel provides you with a step by step approach to develop attention, interest and desire within your target market for subsequent actions that lead them to become your customers. Take a look at how you can optimize your digital marketing funnel for maximum results.