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Learn digital marketing from the experts in our 6-workshop series.

Digital Ninja is not your average digital marketing course.

As a matter of fact, this time Digital Ninja is not going to be a course at all. This time we’re bringing you six different workshops which will cover six important aspects of the digital marketing landscape in Pakistan. With a number of new tools and topics, we’re bringing you a learning experience bigger and better than before.
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Digital Strategy
Content Marketing
Google Adwords
Google Analytics

Creating a Foolproof Digital Strategy for your Brand

Before we dive deeper into the tools of digital marketing, we’ll discuss in our introductory workshop the ways you can create a foolproof digital funnel for your brand to bring measurable leads and results.

Workshop Details:
  • Identify how to create a digital strategy for your brand.
  • Learn to find the right audience and make an impact on them.
  • Socialize with your audience through the right kind of ads.
  • Learn the 5 different content strategies your brand needs.
  • Generate meaningful and measurable results.
Date: 14th July
Timings: 10 am to 2 pm
Mehdi KaramAli

A Facebook and Google certified strategist who has helped tens of businesses achieve growth through digital marketing.

Understanding all things Facebook

Facebook has made its mark on social media marketing, and truly so. Its budget friendly (almost) ads and ease of use has made it easy for every brand – be it small or large – to use the platform. But do you know how to use Facebook optimally, so much so that you can bring productive and profitable leads through this platform? Learn with us in our workshop

Workshop Details:
  • Facebook for Businesses.
  • Engaging with your audience with targeting and advertising.
  • Six Facebook ad campaigns which will help you bring results.
  • Talking to your audience on Messenger.
  • Telling stories on Facebook.
  • Understanding the “Right” concept.
  • What’s up with Instagram?
  • Promotion on Instagram.
  • Facebook Pixel and SDK.
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Bonus: Advertising on LinkedIn.
Date: 21st July
Timings: 10 am to 2 pm
Team Digital Eggheads

Mehdi KaramAli, Safeer E Hussain, Zainab Rehman

Unlocking your Content Strategy

Whichever platform you’re on and whatever budget you launch your brand with, content is always the key to the right results. Be it SEO, Facebook or Google, content is the focal point through which you can make your customer do your bidding. But is your content strategy strong enough to bring you results? Find out with the experts in our workshop.

Workshop Details:
  • 5 reasons why your content is lacking personality.
  • The MOM test to generating the right content.
  • Watching versus reading – which strategy works best?
  • Digital assets, vlogging, blogging and microblogging.
  • Bringing traffic to your website with the right content and layout.
  • This agency finds click baits very… find out more in our workshop!
  • Bonus: You’ve got mail! Executing email marketing campaigns.
Date: 3rd August
Timings: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Nofal Khan

Nofal Khan is an entrepreneur, a marketer who has been involved in a number of renowned projects, including the infamous Kachee Goliyan comics. He is also a digital marketer at Magpie Black & White, and specializes in content generation which can tell impactful stories.

The ABC of SEO

SEO is the one point where every marketer has found themselves stuck at some point. At least we know we have. And so, in order to solve the trickiest of SEO problems, we’re bringing some industry experts to discuss some basic and advance tips and tricks of search engine marketing with you.

Workshop Details:
  • What exactly is SEO?
  • How relevant is your SEO strategy?
  • What should they be doing on your website? A guide to effective CTAs.
  • The on and off of SEO.
  • Ingredients to a productive on-page SEO strategy.
  • Keywords – do they even work?
  • Off page SEO.
  • Auditing tools.
  • Bonus: Google My Business
Date: 4th August
Timings: 10 am to 2 pm
Moosa Hemani

Moosa Hemani is an SEO and Inbound Marketing Specialist, and CEO at, which helps businesses all around the world in digital marketing

Stepping into the big game: Google and its Tools

Google isn’t known as the search engine giant for nothing. While Facebook has made its mark as the social media marketing platform, Google has made waves in the overall digital marketing world. Learn all about Google’s tools, its platform’s placements and their usage in this workshop.

Workshop Details:
  • Cracking the Google AdWord code.
  • Retargeting and retention – a customer cycle.
  • Google Display Network.
  • Video and Search Ads.
  • Google Ads Academy.
  • Google Shopping.
  • Bonus: Rolling with AdRoll.
Date: 11th August
Timings: 10 am to 2 pm
Sayem Mustafa

Sayem Mustafa is a certified Google, Bing and Hubspot Marketer. He started his career 6 years back with TradeKey, before moving to Gaditek and is now working at Daraz as the Head of Adwords & Performance Marketing, leading the department for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar & Bangladesh region.

Measure & Asses with Google Analytics

Your strategy has been created, your ad has been run and your audience has taken your desired action. But how do you measure results on digital? We’re bringing you experts who’ll tell you how in this final workshop.

Workshop Details:
  • Understanding Key Google Analytics Terms
  • Google Analytics Installation with Google Tag Manager
  • Goals Tracking and Conversion Funnels
  • Events Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Campaign Tracking with Analytics
  • Creating Custom Dashboard
  • How to Analyze your Website Performance with Google Analytics
  • Bonus: Hotjar Tracking
Date: 18th August
Timings: 10 am to 2 pm
Khurram Zahid

Khurram Zahid is an accomplished digital marketing consultant known for his result driven and KPI based approach for digital marketing consultancy. He has a proven track record for generating qualified leads and effectively driving them in conversion funnel to sales and repeat customer.


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Workshop Charges

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Rs3,000/ Person

Complete Series

6 Sessions (4 Hour Each)
Rs15,000/ Person

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See what people have said about us!

Salman Hadwani

This course is good as far as digital marketing strategy and audience building is concerned.

Muzammil Yousuf

Digital Ninja was very informative and I learned more than my expectations. The activities were a very interesting way to learn.

Ahsen Aghai

The whole course was designed in a very good way. The trainer is surely an expert in all relevant areas and handled our questions properly too.

Tayyaba Abdullah

This course helped me learn more about Facebook and SEO, and now I believe I can manage Ad Manager for my clients. For me, this course was a hit!

Syeda Komal Fatima

The outline was clear and simple and executed well. Trainer was good in terms of explaining and answering queries. Overall it was a nice experience.

Ahsan Junaid

It was a good and knowledgeable session; I would suggest to make it a hands on session rather theoretical.

Munazzah Mehak

It was a great and knowledgeable session. I will definitely be looking forward to attend more sessions that in a similar way give technical details for Google Display Networks (GDN) and other online advertising options.

Hamza Farooq

It was really informative; I learned new tools and techniques for expanding business to new customers. Mr. Mehdi was really really co-operative and I am hoping to attend more workshops like these in the future.

Syed Ibrahim

I wanted to have hands-on knowledge about Facebook marketing tools. Being in fashion, reaching out to the right audience is extremely important and this workshop enabled me to experiment things on my own.

Samina Faisal Khan

Mehdi & team are genuine Eggheads for their result oriented digital marketing expertise. Met them, heard them and I must say they are remarkable in enabling brands – especially start-ups – reach out to customers.

Shahbaz Raza

I learned a lot about how to target your audience and use the tools Facebook provides through this course. I also used to be confused where Google AdWords was concerned but I’ve learned a lot about it here.

Asad M. Taj

The course was informative, and connects conventional marketing with digital marketing.

Sarah Zaidi

Digital Ninja was a workshop worth attending. Whatever I expected was there and explained very well.

Muhammad Faizan

The sessions were informative and the environment and trainer were great too.

Khizra Ijaz

This was a very informative learning session. Both days were creatively planned. This course is highly recommended from my side.


The course was quite good, but it should be more hands on practice based. Hopefully we will learn more things with Ninja in the future.

Raheel Waseem

Overall the course was good. The speaker was helpful and was answering our questions. It was a great experience.

Madeeha Sheikh

It was beyond my expectations; superb. I would call it a team effort of Digital Eggheads. I learnt a lot in the two days, especially about SEO. I will be looking forward to more such Bootcamps.

Ahmed Khan

Overall it was the best workshop on digital marketing, and the content was very good.

Fawad Mahmood

Overall it was a good experience. I really learnt a lot in both days. The speaker was very good at explaining.

Syed Hassan

It was a great opportunity to learn digital marketing with you.

Muhammad Adeel Sohail

Being a beginner at digital marketing ad advertisement, the two day course was very helpful and provided me with a lot of knowledge which I can use.

Sheraz Pervaiz

Both the days were very productive, I learned basic to advance usage of digital marketing. The instructor had excellent command on the subject.

Faisal Gulzar

All the information I got was very important and helpful, and a lot of my concepts were cleared.

Mahrukh Gulzar

This two day workshop covered all the latest marketing platforms which are a must to know if you’re a marketer.

Sarim Mahmood

Course was very helpful and we learned many new creative ideas for digital marketing. The lecture delivering style was excellent.

Danish Munir

The course outline was very informative and knowledgeable. Please make it more practice based in the future.

Asad M. Taj

Digital Ninja was a good refresher. The information about AdWords and YouTube were more detailed as compared to the last session.

Adeel Ahmed

Mandatory for all those digital marketers who want to excel from executive to managerial position.

Wafa Kalia

What I loved most was that you gave us so many sources from where we can learn in the future. It was discussion based with a lot of input from the class and cross industry learning.

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