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Google’s UX Design Certification

By September 20, 2022November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Being a team that focuses on growth and learning, Digital Eggheads has built a culture focused on problem-solving, experimenting with new ideas and trends, and developing our skills from all the experiences that every member of our team goes through. But this learning doesn’t just happen overnight.

Learning means you need to constantly challenge your own skill set and comfort zone to overcome obstacles as well as build fresh opportunities for yourself and your team to grow and succeed. This helps bring a shift in everyone’s perspective to better fulfill the needs of the team as well as clients so that their services remain relevant and innovative. Because only by being willing to do things a different way and looking for new answers can we empower our environment and teams to be more flexible and learning-oriented.

Keeping all of that in mind, we’ve added yet another feather in our cap of learning with the Google UX Design Certification, completed by DE’s cofounder and director operations, Safeer-e-Hussain. The course includes training from leading experts and a well-balanced outline and has equipped us with all the right tools to make our design process more empathic, simple, and user-centric.

The entire course has a duration of 6-7 months for completion, with a flexible schedule that’s convenient for one to engage in. The course allows learners to complete the design process from start to finish, including empathizing with the user journey, building wireframes, applying UX concepts to designs, and researching and planning steps to make the user’s experience smoother.

By the end of the course, every learner will have a professional UX portfolio with 3 completed projects that of a mobile app, a website, and a cross-platform experience.