Agha Steel Industries

One of Pakistan’s pioneer steel manufacturers, ASI had everything that set them apart from industry standards, except a website where they could truly define their scope and vision.

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About The Organization

We’re all aware of the Agha Steel name. A leading steel manufacturing company in Pakistan, ASI is the fastest growing companies in the industry, representing one of the largest private sector investments in the country. The firm has distinguished itself from its competitors by introducing state of art technology in their manufacturing plants. And they wanted to stand out on digital too.

Development Phases


  • Create a corporate website where they could showcase their products, projects and CSR initiatives.
  • Develop a user friendly experience for organic search and social referrals.
  • Improve their content strategy, website structure and overall representation on digital.
  • Stand out from the competition by translating their pioneer brand identity to a platform that demonstrated the same.

Market Research and Planning

For Agha Steel Industries it was important that they visualized their vision and strong values to the public. In order to do that, we had to develop something truly different and unique which didn’t adhere to the design and techniques ASI’s competitors were following. They wanted the new website to portray their brand’s growing identity while also following current digital trends, and that’s what our objective was throughout this phase.

Design Revamp

The video roll in the header had been our signature feature in their original website, and it was adapted to the new layout featuring their impressive documentary. Along with that, we decided to go for a parallax scrolling motion which added a simple yet authentic and professional look to the page. All this paired with the content strategy created an impression of strength, quality and credibility for the brand.

agha steel industries
Agha steel industries

Bringing It All Together

Digital Eggheads had developed the Agha Steel website 3 years back, and even then our objective was to change the face of design trends being followed in the industry. And the revamp had to be as unique as the original site, and synonymous to the vision Mr. Hussain Agha had for his brand. That’s exactly what we created through our design, and the final result was even more impactful than we’d expected.