Al Anwar Al Najafiya Foundation

Al Anwar Al Najafiya Foundation is an Iraq and UK registered charity that runs multiple campaigns to provide humanitarian support to Iraqi families. The organization has special focus on children and their education, particularly orphans.

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To run global campaigns on multiple digital fronts (Facebook & Whatsapp) in 3-different languages (Arabic, English, French) that can produce tangible results for the organization.

Our Solution:

  1. “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    For each campaign, Team DE ensured a special photoshoot to be conducted instead of using stock images. We wanted to build an emotional appeal that can persuade people to donate.
    For e.g. in “Ramadan Food Basket”, an initiative was to provide ration to families during the Muslim holy month, a family environment was set to reflect actual Iraqi families.
  2. Building targeted audiences:
    We kept high concern on Ad sets: utilizing all the available targeting options to present campaigns to the right audience and produce results at lowest possible cost
    The global campaign was divided into sets of countries segregated on the basis of language. Sample profiles were studied of each country to build donor personas.
  3. Providing timely progress reports:
    Most NGOs neglect the importance of providing progress reports to the donors, of the impact their contribution is making. We provided regular updates during the campaign duration not just to present the impact but to encourage more people to donate
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By utilizing the potentials of the image, copy and targeting, we were able to build a strong foothold for the organization. For Ramadan Food Basket campaign alone we received 300 shares on Facebook that played a huge role in raising 12,000+ food baskets.

target 1

70,000+ targeted reach on Facebook

wallet 1

Unique CTR of 8%

analytic chart

20% less CPA globally