Al Furat Tours

Al Furat Tours, a faith-based travel agency, wanted a comprehensive strategy that can help in reaching out to international markets and increasing the customer base.

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Reaching out to extremely-targeted audience.


In first place we worked on their website, making it more user friendly and search engine optimized. It ensured that those searching for related tours can easily find them and then leave a query with ease. Next we created creative and faith-based campaigns that create create engagement and allow Al Furat Tours to increase its reach on social media. Then we ran extremely targeted ads based on behaviors and interests with call-to-actions leading to the website.


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Targeted ads allowed Al Furat Tours to achieve click through rate of 5.113% (2.693% on Desktop and 6.262% on mobile). Within a month they saw an increase of 131% to traffic coming from social and 95% increase in traffic coming from referral sources. This comprehensive strategy allowed them to lower their tradional marketing budget (TV ads and print) to 70% while bring a large number of clients from Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

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5.113% CTR

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70% Lower Budget

analytic chart

253% Reach