Healthyabi is a new name in the doorstep healthcare service industry working as a liaison between patients and doctors to make healthcare and personal care accessible at home.

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Healthyabi was still new in the market when they decided to expand their service line by entering the healthcare training industry. The hurdle was to establish the brand name in this domain for healthcare with no prominence in the market. A digital strategy was needed to build awareness and generate leads for their BLS and CPR training. 


We started devising a funnel to achieve our main objective of generating qualified leads. The funnel followed the given sequence: to engage the audience, drive traffic to the website to generate leads, and retarget the audience who already visited the website to convert leads into conversion.

  1. Webpage Creation: 
    The first step was to create a web page integrated with the sign-up form – so that we could divert all the traffic to a single page for details and use the visits to retarget the audience. 
  2. Targeting:
    Next target was to formulate the audience. In this stage, we targeted employees from the healthcare and corporate sector based on their interest to be trained in responding to medical emergencies such as first aid and CPR.
  3. Creatives and Message:
    Then we created posts that served two functions: First, emphasizing on the importance of BLS & CPR. Second, providing the CTA to register as the solution.
  4. Paid Advertising: 
    Lastly, we combined these posts with paid ads on our devised funnel strategy to generate registrations for the training with the power of social media reach.


It was a challenge for us to achieve our target in a short span of 20 days but the results were impressive as we were able to generate 100+ quality leads. After the training, many positive reviews were received, an increase in brand value was experienced, schools and universities reached out to arrange in-house workshops, requests were made to conduct similar sessions, and the other training workshops also experienced a great boost.

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