Kaybee’s Snack Bar

Kaybee’s Snack Bar, newly launched fast food chain, wanted a strategy that can build its unique place in a saturated market and increase walk in customers.

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A digital strategy that can impact walk-in customers.


After creating their menu and other marketing collateral, the first thing we did was to create a strong social media presence for Kaybee’s Snack Bar. For that we created creatively designed posts and coupled them with small chunks of paid marketing. Next we planned campaigns that requires the fans to visit Kaybee’s Snack Bar- thus harnessing the power of social media and turning it into actual sales.


kabees Post reach month 1
kabees Total Reach month 2
kabees Engagement month3


Though we are still going through experimenting phase, the results are so far encouraging; both for us and the client. In one month of handling their social media increased their post reach by 108.45% and total reach by 93.13%.

target 1

7.028% CTR

wallet 1

20% less CPA

analytic chart

93.13% reach