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MasterClass is a former kitchen studio turned culinary institution where they aim to revolutionize and globalize the culinary industry of Pakistan by providing hands-on training in the respective field with the help of their state of the art kitchen studio and renowned chefs. Their USP is that they provide one-of-a-kind training to budding chefs, Foodpreneurship opportunities to home business owners and entrepreneurs, and creative lifestyle classes – the likes of which Pakistan has never seen before.

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MasterClass Pakistan was initially launched as a kitchen studio for lifestyle classes, and their brand image was pretty strongly built in the city as the same. After launching their culinary diploma and certifications, the challenge we were facing was to shift their brand image from a lifestyle institute to a culinary education brand.

Our Solution:

  1. Paid Marketing Funnel Optimization:
    Creating a paid marketing funnel is a surefire way to optimize end to end communication with your audience, i.e. from point A – when they find out about your business, to point Z – till they take an action you require from them. Our goal was to create a funnel which helped us communicate our message to a whole new audience in the most effective way. 
    Our funnel started off from engaging the audience into watching our videos, interacting with our ads or visit the website, after which they were retargeted with the Conversion objective, which helped reach the people most likely to apply for MasterClass’s programs. The funnel spread all over our social and paid platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Display. 
  2. End to End Tracking:
    To ensure that our funnel was effective, end to end tracking was installed on the website. By utilizing tracking tools like Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Conversion Goals, we were able to create a route which informed us where our user entered the website, which pages they were most interested in, and where exactly did they leave the site with or without taking any action. This helped us refine our funnel, creating an even better web of communication through paid ads.
  3. Communication Design:
    Since the beginning, MasterClass had emphasized on reaching a premium, niche audience. But because a culinary institute’s audience is vastly different from whom we were initially targeting, we had to change our targeting but also had to ensure that the communication and audience quality didn’t change drastically. For this we chose the geo-targeting feature available for both Facebook and Google ads. The feature helped us target specific areas in Karachi where their audience was bound to be living in, including schools and colleges whose students fell into their target market. This helped us develop a brand image for their institution, and sell multiple batches of their diploma programs as well.
masterclass pakistan
masterclass pakistan
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masterclass pakistan


With our efforts combined with the funnel we had created for MasterClass, we were able to promote their professional programs to such a wide extent that they closed three batches of their chef program within three months. From the day we launched their programs till the mid of August, their message inquiry rate has increased by 37%, their paid reach increased by 72%, website visitors increased by 108%, and their website bounce rate decreased by 61%.

10,000+ leads and messaging connections

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49,000+ website visitors

Over 299,000 page views