Odeez is a startup brand – an online store for toys and fancy gadgets. Their products are high quality and perfect for their target market as well. Their only dilemma was that they weren’t able to reach their target market on social media.

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Odeez wanted us to target and reach the right audience for their business through Facebook ads.

Our Solution:

Building a Buyer Persona

Once we started analyzing what was wrong with the targeting that was being handled by the brand. What we found out was that they were missing out an entire chunk of their target market of females and mothers. We altered that by creating a comprehensive buyer persona, and dividing the products into categories that support that buyer personas.

Targeting the Buyer Persona

The next step was to reach the audience we’d created through ads. That part was easy. Through Facebook ads, we optimized our buyer persona and that made a world of difference, and we were able to achieve our aim of bringing traffic to the website and Facebook page, and increasing their sales as well.


odeez reach
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Our strategies for Odeez were able to increase the brand’s sale and awareness to a very strong level. We were able to engage a whopping 85% of our female target audience, and we reached a total of 143,569 people through our ads resulting in 300% increase in sales in just 2-months.

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40,000+ targeted engagement on Facebook

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360,000+ impressions