is a tech based startup offering services in the domain of broadband, insurance and credit cards. Their aim is to make these important decisions click based, where one just have to search, compare and buy the desired requirement.

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When the very workable name approached Digital Eggheads for online marketing concerns, they had two things to be considered. First was awareness on the whole with their very new beta launch and second was to ensure the usefulness of the services being offered under the brand name.

Our Solution:

The very initial focus at team Digital Eggheads was to make sure to reach the right audience-an audience looking for solution for their internet, insurance and credit card woes through online platforms. This went only possible after understanding their market, When technical options for targeting are available then why not? We would definitely mention that all of this was done is minimum budget.

Secondly, we created an animated introductory video with idea of complete brief regarding the services and accessibility (how to use) of Alongside it we created creative social media posts that can catch attention as well as deliver the desired results.

Coupled with all of this was Google Display Network (GDN) and Retargeting. This insured that we are reaching out the customers on all grounds ensuring brand awareness.


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During this month based campaign the overall reach on Facebook almost got 8x higher compared to previous months. We were able to generate sizeable user interest while our retargeting ads produced one of the highest CTR of 3%.

target 1

Social Media Unique CTR of 5.7%

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Social Media Unique CTR of 5.7%

analytic chart

20% less CPA globally