Tavern Grill

Tavern Grill, a hip and trendy restaurant on the main Shaheed-e-Millat road, Tavern Grill’s name, location and theme, all were on point. The issue was: they didn’t get as much customers as they wanted.

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Tavern Grill’s main problem was that they weren’t able to reach their target number of walk-in customers per day. Social media presence aside, they didn’t have the kind of awareness a restaurant needs to attract diners to them. Our work was to create hype and presence for them on social media in a way that it would increase their customer base.


Branding and Strategy

Our work on Tavern Grill started with its basic branding. Once that had been decided, we moved on to our promotional strategy, which was to position Tavern as a sophisticated yet welcoming place for its target market. highlighting items on their menu, especially their steaks. With quality content, creative designs, careful targeting backed by paid marketing we were able to increase their fan base, as well as page engagement.


A few of the campaigns we launched at Tavern included their Pakistan Day campaign, Meet My Steak, Happy Hour – for noon-evening customers, and other campaigns relating to the banquet. All of these campaigns were backed by paid marketing, and also included photography.

BTL and Print work

Team DE was also involved in on-ground BTL work for the restaurant, including designing their menu, standees, wall designs, and restaurant branding.

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Our campaigns for Tavern Grill were able to generate a strong foothold for the restaurant on social media as well as on ground. With raving reviews on social media to loyal customers, Tavern emerged as one of the most favored restaurants in Karachi’s eatery scene and by the end of Ramzan their walk-in customer rate had increased by over 70%.

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315% Post Reach

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200% Page Reach