The Millennium Universal College - TMUC

TMUC, or The Millennium Universal College, is one of Pakistan’s top trans-national education institutes which strives to provide international level qualifications to its students. With campuses located across the country, their aim is to create global access for students through locally provided programs.

Case Study top


When we started working with TMUC, they were facing challenges relating to student awareness and admissions in their campuses in Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Because of the scope and nature of their programs, they needed extensive marketing to generate awareness and leads simultaneously.

Another challenge was for us to establish a difference between TMUC and its sister brand – RMC, or Roots Millennium College, which is an A/AS level institution with campuses across Pakistan. They had just recently launched their campus in Karachi but were having trouble promoting their institution and separating its identity from TMUC. Our task was to create that difference and promote RMC’s programs to bring in admissions for the latest cycle.

Our Solution:

To cater to the challenges we were facing while also considering the urgency of the leads required for admissions, we came up with the following solutions:

  1. Creative consolidation: Our first task was to consolidate the theme of their creatives to make sure that their marketing looked integrated across channels. This greatly helped create a proper communication strategy across the pages.
    This also helped us segregate the creative theme for TMUC and RMC. Because one of our major tasks was to differentiate between both the brands, creating specific design guidelines for each majorly helped us develop a distinctive aesthetic sense for each, and also created a visible difference between both on digital media.
  2. Lead Generation: Because their main focus was to generate leads for all campuses, we started utilizing Facebook’s Lead Generation objective to collect student information for their various programs. With the help of these ads, we were able to generate over 1800 leads in 3 months, helping us achieve our lead targets throughout the campuses.
  3. Audience Building: For TMUC and RMC, the biggest challenge we were facing was to target the exact audience who’d take an interest in their programs, while also considering that they might not be the primary decision makers in purchasing said programs, especially in RMC, whose programs are solely focused for age groups 13 to 17 – an age group we cannot target through Facebook leads. 
    Our solution to counter this issue was to create a two fold targeting strategy where we created awareness for the brand through engagement campaigns, targeting both parents and students in the ads. And once we had built a proper audience base and collected their information for various workshops, seminars and such, we used retargeting and lookalike audiences to take them to the website – which was especially developed to create a digital lead generation platform for RMC.
  4. Funneling and Tracking: One of the most important parts of paid marketing is the ability to track your ads and results. And because TMUC was offering so many programs nationwide, we needed to create a funnel which helped bring interested students to the website to drop leads for respective courses. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel were the tools we used in this regard, and then started retargeting their lead and engagement audience through audience creations tools and conversion ads. This helped us increase their conversion rate by 150% just through the website.


We’re very proud to say that not only were we able to achieve our set targets for TMUC, but we exceeded them by about 300%. With our lead generation ads and conversion tracking funnel, we were able to generate awareness, increase website traffic, and boost leads throughout the six campuses we’re working with, including RMC.

20.70% increase in web traffic

Over 2 million people reached in 6 months

3,000+ leads nationwide in 5 months