Toyota Creek

Toyota Creek Motors is among the leading Toyota dealerships & showrooms located in Korangi Creek, Karachi. Their objective is to offer the best services, genuine & top-grade vehicles to the customers.

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Being located in a remote industrial area, the core challenge for Toyota Creek Motors was to generate awareness about the dealership among the masses & to generate leads for its vehicles and services, simultaneously, for which they needed a website that matched industry standards and showcased their showroom’s USPs and their stock. With reference to their online presence, the brand had two social media pages that hindered creating a distinct identity for Toyota Creek Motors. From a creative designing standpoint, the designs contained too much text that not only made the creative look less appealing but also impeded a performance by minimizing social media reach.


To counter these challenges, we took charge of the main social media page for Toyota Creek Motors where all of our efforts were directed to establishing a separate identity for the brand along with generating leads for their offerings through our targeting strategy, engagement-based social media campaigns, lead generation campaigns, search engine optimization, and website conversions.

1- Website Development:

Our first task was to create an industry competitive website that was both visually and technically structured to generate leads for the brand. Thus, our development team got on the task and created – a website that could serve as the digital home for the showroom. The site was equipped with all the digital tracking tools that could help us create the required results for them.

Targeting For Toyota Creek


Firstly, we built a buyer persona which was most likely to be interested in the vehicles and services offered at Toyota Creek Motors and resided in the same vicinity of the dealership. We focused on geo-targeting in the nearby areas to generate awareness, demographic, and interest-based targeting to reach the right age and interest group with engagement and conversion based objectives.
As a result of our efforts, there was a substantial increase in reach by 2,470% and 124% increase in social media engagement.

3- Social Media Engagement:

To establish Toyota Creek Motors as the brand that focuses on offering the best customer experience instead of merely products or services, it was important to drive requisite engagement with the target audience. We came up with engaging social media campaigns to yield relatability among the audience along with enticing them to view the brand as an extension of their personalities. Moreover, even though no paid marketing was being done on LinkedIn, the organic growth increased tremendously with 10,950% increase in new followers & 726% increase in unique visitors within 3 months.

Lead Generation Of Toyota Creek

4- Lead Generation:

As Toyota Creek Motors wanted to gain leads for their vehicles and services, we employed Facebook’s lead generation objective to collect prospective customers’ information for their offerings. These ads helped us increase the leads generated by 495% in 3 months.

5- SEO:

While our paid marketing efforts were working, we also wanted the website to grow organically through inbound traffic. For this purpose, a comprehensive SEO strategy was executed consisting of both on-page and off-page SEO activities including search-friendly internal articles, outreach blogging campaigns, and key-word optimized website content. Additionally, the platform Quora was also utilized where different industry-related questions were answered to create backlinks and improve website traffic.

As a result of our efforts, the SEO grade improved from B to A over the span of 3 months with a 239% increase in overall web-traffic and 157% increase in website clicks.

SEO Of Toyota Creek


We’re delighted to say that not only were we able to achieve our target objectives set for Toyota Creek Motors but, we exceeded them beyond expectations. Our integrated marketing strategy helped generate awareness, increase web traffic, improve SEO score & attain a great number of leads over a period of three months.

  • SEO grade improved from B to A in three months
  • 239% increase in overall web traffic
  • 2,470% increase in reach
  • 124% increase in engagement
  • An increase in leads from 95% to 495% month by month