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Who came first?

The egg or the Eggheads?

That’s just one of the crazy questions people ask us when we introduce ourselves. So we decided, aaj tou kahani bata hi detay hain. And it all started when… well, scroll down already.

2014 tha, vision tha, bas. Humble beginnings and whatnot, you know. Quirkiness was in style and we figured calling ourselves an Egghead was quirky enough to work. Back then we worked out of a single room and gradually got an office where we started expanding our team. Officially, we were a full-service agency. Unofficially, every team member was our entire operation. Let’s say at the time we trained, quite many “Jacks of all trade” who could design, write copy, run ads, AND design webpages at the same time! Even our first SEO lead was a part-time marketing executive. But growth hoti gayi, hirings hoti gayein; Zain, Abrar, Zainab, Kamil, Ayesha, Hassan, Komal, Huzaifa, Faiq, Aqeel - people we didn’t know would become key to our growth and experience with us our first co-shared space, our first office fire, the-hot-summer-day-the-AC-didn’t-work-but-we-had to, our COVID Scrabble competitions, and our first office picnic. It was in 2021 that we outgrew our first space. We’ve shifted two offices since then and, well, we won’t bore you with MORE details, but let’s just end this by saying we’ve been going strong till date.

With occasional risks and learnings, of course

Like when we first placed YouTube ads on games and apps to bring admissions to a national university.

That time we spent £15,000 in ads and got 10X returns in results.

When we helped Dr Imtiaz reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube in a quarter.

The Canadian event we generated 20,000 leads for.

And that time we achieved 1 million+ in revenue in a flash sale.

Or when we reached $30,000 in revenue for a client and had to figure out how to scale it.

And what have we earned through all these experiences, it’s this:

Our culture. Our team.

To sum it up, it’s been a journey for all of us, and even as speak, we’re gearing up for 10 more years of growth, stress, coffee, and drama. So see you on the other side.
Oh, and, we recently gave “the Egg” a makeover - wanna take a look?