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Team DE at Agha Dialysis and other October updates

By November 1, 2016November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Ever experienced those months when time passes as if it were the fastest man on Earth? Well, the Flash pun aside, October was a similar month for team DE. Our schedule was so jam packed, we didn’t even realize when November arrived. Let’s have a look at some of our October updates, shall we:

ABC by DE 2.0

I think it is always important to share what you learn from your work. Not only it increases your credibility but also connects you to new people and experiences. So this month we held our second social media workshop which, compared to the previous one, focused on a broader spectrum of digital marketing. The discussion included Facebook’s marketing tools and policies, Google Display Network and shed a little light on SEO and blogging.

You can take a look at some of the testimonials as well:

Documentary Shoot for Agha Dialysis

Agha Dialysis is a CSR venture by one of our clients, Agha Steel Industries. For them, we wanted to take an initiative to spread awareness for renal disease patients and shed light to some of the success stories ADC has. This gave birth to the idea of shooting a documentary. The process which has been underway since a couple of months finally reached this stage in October.

To say that this experience was educational will be an understatement. When you work for clients who are involved in philanthropic activities, you realize how privileged a life you’re living. Our visit to Agha Dialysis gave us an insight to the lives of people suffering from almost fatal diseases, and how many of them don’t have access to the means required to give them a healthy life. This documentary process didn’t only educate us about renal diseases, the process of dialysis and condition of such patients in Pakistan, but we were also inspired by the stories we heard and how the journey of ADC started. We’re glad that we took up this project because I think once the shoot was over, all of us had been touched by the lives of the people we worked with one way or the other!

To sum it up, October was a month of new experiences and despite the hectic schedule of the month, we relished every moment of it.