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Team Digital Eggheads @ TMUC Converge Conference

By June 2, 2022November 8th, 2023No Comments1 min read

TMUC Converge Conference is a counseling sprint aimed at assessing the institute’s growth across marketing, communications, engagement, and outreach strategies.

It’s organized to provide a roadmap for achieving targets and enhancing students’ experience with digital skills workshops and sessions to set the rhythm for a new academic session through growth strategies, planning, and learning digital tactics.

Digital Eggheads were honored to be invited to TMUC Pakistan (Islamabad) to take part in this conference and conduct digital marketing training for their nationwide marketing and admissions team. The strategy building session & activities were specially designed based on the learnings and experiences we have had working in the educational sector.

The session included engaging discussions and activities on how teams can create marketing strategies, from the initial stages of creating a buyer persona, how it’s done, what purpose it fulfills, to the content creation process, and how it can be shaped to meet marketing objectives. We explained this further by sharing case studies from individual TMUC campuses and how their marketing strategies were created, utilized, and led to success.

It was a productive session overall, leading to meeting TMUC’s objectives of promoting an environment of digital growth that enhances their professional digital knowledge and quality of operations.