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Top Facebook Advertising Updates For Digital Marketers

By October 3, 2018November 8th, 2023No Comments5 min read

Facebook has always made sure to update and remodel its advertising and business front to accommodate the various demands and requirements of advertisers present on it. While it has its limitations, it also happens to be one of the main digital marketing platforms which keeps making changes in its features to help counter the inconvenience marketers face in creating and running ads.

Let’s find out what changes Facebook has introduced and how they can benefit us as advertisers.

Map Update:

This particular update calls for some celebration among Pakistani advertisers who only had a generally unmarked view of the country in the Facebook map section. But now, they have updated it to show all the roads and streets across the country – which is very useful if you’re working on location based targeting.

New Targeting Options:

We’ve found a lot of new targeting options while working on creating audiences recently. Now, you can target people in Pakistan who have an inclination toward medium to high value goods. Previously, this option was only available for people in India, but now we have multiple countries included in the list. This could work well for brands who want to reach people who prefer a specific lifestyle.

Other than that, we have options to target people who have access to different page categories, like food page admins, sports page admins and so on. HR reps, you can use this to your advantage!

Block Lists:

If you use Facebook’s advertising platform regularly, you’ll be familiar with the Audience Network placement which shows your ad on different websites and apps. However, this does raises concern regarding where your ad shows up. However, with the Block List feature, you can upload a list of website URLs and apps where you don’t want your ad to be shown. This is an important feature when it comes to websites, apps, or even ads talking about sensitive topics, and can further help in streamlining and filtering your audience too.

Audience Network Block Lists on Facebook

Click to WhatsApp Ads:

This feature isn’t very new, but a lot of brands haven’t started using it to their advantage yet. This could be due to Facebook’s requirement of verifying your WhatsApp for Business account before you can use it for ad CTAs, but we have written a blog to discuss a workaround for this too. You can read it here.

Click to WhatsApp ads can be very advantageous for home based businesses who don’t have websites, and rely on calls and messages to generate leads and sales. We have also tried it out for one of our clients and the results have been phenomenal. Read the case study here.

New Canvas Ads:

Canvas ads were introduced some two years back, and since then I’ve seen a very selected few of them in our market. But Facebook has now revamped them and they’re now called “Instant Experiences” through which you can create a product look book, tell your brand’s story or even create a customer acquisition ad.

Video Creation Kit:

This is another useful tool for social media managers or page admins. With the video creation kit, you can now easily make 6 to 15 second videos by choosing a template of your choice and uploading relevant images along with your brand’s logo. This takes away the effort of spending long hours on Photoshop or Illustrator, and also gives you room for creativity in making both square or long videos.

Even though the kit currently includes only four templates, I’m expecting it to grow because this tool is definitely a great way to streamline your page’s content more creatively.

Creative Help for Videos and Images:

Not a fan of the templates in the video kit? Not a problem. Facebook also supports a lot of different apps and websites which can help you create posts, videos and other similar creatives with just a few clicks. I personally have used Legend and Adobe Spark Post, and they both work great for me. With these apps, you can not only create your own ad content, but can also experiment around without creating a hassle for your design team. That’s surely a win-win situation!

Also, if you use their Ad Manager application, you can easily create a simple post design on the go by adding text and a logo to your image. Looks like Facebook is really bent on empowering the creative community as well as the technical users of its advertising section.

And not only that, you can also take a look at your image and video library through the Assets section of the Business Manager menu, and on the basis of that, Facebook will also suggest particular platforms which can provide your brand the best creative support.

Want to take a look at the options you can use? Check out all the apps and websites here:

Other Updates:

Ad Overlays:

Along with some of these important updates, there are also some new features the platform has rolled out. You can now add overlays to show different offers from your brand, like cash on delivery, free delivery, and so on

Tracking Events for Pixel:

Facebook’s also about to introduce new tracking events for Facebook Pixel users. This will include events like contact, donate, find location, start trial, submit application, schedule and subscribe.

Facebook Story Ads:

Other than this, they’ve also introduced Facebook story ads – however to specific audiences and page admins. Story ads are a huge update, but until they are made available for Pakistan, we can’t really make sure what kind of impact they make when it comes to reaching your audiences.