Baking up a Revenue Stream

Who doesn’t love cakes? Especially from a premier bakery in the city whose name’s enough to make an impression. But while this bakery had its awareness, it needed to revamp its digital store as an asset, which could be its


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But the ride wasn’t always as sweet

  • First, a certain panda was their only main source of revenue online, which was costly for them, and wasn’t a brand asset either.
  • To establish their brand presence digitally, we needed a seamless website that provided a fast and reliable purchase mechanism that could rival that of the order-taking service.
  • The competition was high, and we needed to up our marketing game to meet the prices and demand within the market.
  • We had no prior digital data to use to kickstart our marketing campaigns.

But we had one strength: the brand’s positioning

So first, we started by leveraging that

From the very top of the funnel, we started building an audience who knew the brand and was interested in its offering.

And who doesn’t love cakes, tarts, and all those treats? So finding the audience was easy.

The tricky part was to engage them with our creatives and convert them into customers. And we started doing that by establishing a funnel from top to bottom. At the very beginning, we focused on reach, and developed brand awareness, with a CTA dropping on the website.

And for that, we had Indolj

That’s one eCommerce platform we swear by, and rightly so.

By taking the brand on Indolj, we created a brand asset that could easily convert our customers into long-standing patrons. And by pairing that with our services and top-quality products, we made sure that they remembered this brand only in their sweetest memories!

Finally, we optimized our conversion paths

By introducing Google Search and FB’s automated ads to the mix.

So from retargeting to prospecting conversion, branded to non-branded searches, we made sure people found our brand wherever they searched for it.

Or even when they thought about it. And with that, we were able to surpass our expected revenue for the first month by 5x and incurred a cost per purchase as low as Rs. 150 – and even lower, with our optimized campaigns.

Team takeaways

  • Never underestimate the power of a well-optimized sales funnel.
  • Facebook and Google know your audience, let them take you to them.
  • Rely on instinct and great visuals, and your ads will do the rest for you!

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