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Wondering what’s our secret recipe for elevating food brands? It’s pretty simple. Just a sprinkle of magic & a lot of logic.

Crafting strategies that add flavor to your digital presence.

The use of digital marketing in the food industry is a no-brainer, considering the rise in popularity of social media platforms, & their incredible potential when it comes to fueling sales and converting first-time customers into raving fans. Our expertise with food brands has developed as the industry itself, allowing us to work with numerous eateries, from restaurants and cafés to bakeries and home chefs & create a remarkable impact for them.

Social Media Marketing

We help to bring your brand to life & connect you with potential customers.


From logo to print design, we creatively convert your vision into visuals.

Performance Marketing

From tracking add-to-carts to boosting purchases, our strategies win it all.

Website Development

We make your eatery shine online with aesthetic & purpose-built websites.

Clients We've Worked With

Here are some of the most notable food clients we’ve worked for, but mind you, these aren’t just it. Our work spans multiple brands across industries, and our case studies speak for the impact we’ve created for them all!

Uncovering Success Stories

See how our love for food, brilliant strategy, & a tinge of creativity has led to incomparable brand recognition and recall, brand advocacy & inimitable growth for all our food clients.

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Furnishing a Decorative Presence

A car dealership honing one of the most well-known names in the industry, but struggled to compete on SERPs. Then, our SEO strategy came into the picture, and the rest is history.

Building Presence in a Specialized Niche

An obscure field, with audience and content so specific and unique, and time differences that made collaboration complex; all of this couldn’t stop us from achieving these amazing results.

Speeding to the Top of SERPs

Possessing a complex website that made it difficult for SERPs navigate, our main goal became to make the brand easily accessible through SEO. And that’s exactly what we did.

Baking up a Revenue Stream

Who doesn’t love cakes? Especially from a premier bakery in the city whose name’s enough to make an impression. But the store needed to revamp its digital assets. Here’s what we did.

A Festival to Remember

As a team in Pakistan, we were tasked with increasing footfall to a post-COVID festival in Canada during Ramadan and Eid. Here’s how we achieved this by implementing effective strategies.

Making Furniture Great Again!

Everyone uses furniture. But only some buy them from websites. Our challenge was cut out for us, but we didn’t back down; our numbers are proof.

A Flash Sale Story

What happens when a retail brand decides to engage its audience in a sale like never before? With a limited window and resources, we made sure to achieve these astounding numbers.

Check Out Some Great Reviews

Digital Eggheads is a team of professional, dedicated people and I think they’re at the top of their game. They work tireless hours to help others and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for digital marketing.

Chef Rafi RazaFounder Prime 109

We saw a 100% increase in footprint at our restaurant. We weren’t expecting results this early.

Zubair DossalOperations Manager - Tavern Grill

The team is always helpful and reliable. I no longer have to worry about micromanaging and can relax knowing they are handling things perfectly.

Usama PerachaBaklava Palace

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