Building Presence in a Specialized Niche

An obscure medical field, a new digital environment, a time difference between us and the client that made collaboration complex, and content requirements that none of our team had a history in. All of this makes up for half the reason why we love doing SEO. And that’s what we did to get the numbers you can see below!


Increase in top 10 keywords


Increase in backlinks


Increase in organic traffic

Great team players!

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Each Success Results from Obstacles

  • Competitive keywords that needed to rank on the first page
  • Target high-volume keywords early on
  • Finding relevant websites in the niche to build backlinks
  • Make the website mobile and desktop friendly

Thus Began Our Journey to the Top

The First Plan of Action

Just like a doctor checks up on their patient for an initial diagnosis, we started out with a technical audit of the website to fix the common issues disrupting its growth.

But that wasn’t enough—we knew we had to do more to get among those strict search rankings. So, we made sure every single page on the site had search-optimized content with non-branded keywords. Plus, we went on a wild goose chase for quality backlinks and even made it super easy for users to find us.

How did it pay off? Our DA score went from 26 to 42, and our referring domains increased by 200%.

Developing the Same Strategy

After seeing our DA rating and referring domains shoot up, we knew we had to keep the momentum going. Our next mission? Drive a TON of traffic and max out our backlinks. So, we put our heads down and got to work targeting long-tail keywords, creating amazing content, and sharing it all over social media. And that’s not all—we also scoured the web for high-quality sites to build backlinks with.

This led to a 200%+ increase in organic traffic, our backlinks went up by 600%, and we even got about 84% of the brand’s keywords ranking in the top 10 on SERPs.

Keeping up with the Progress

We didn’t mess with a good thing! Our formula was already working well for the brand, so we kept up with targeting keywords and creating content that fits their persona. We even did some detective work to figure out what questions their audience had and made sure to answer them in our content. And of course, we kept an eye on the competition, making sure our methods were top-notch.

The payoff? HUGE success! Our articles are crushing it, and we’ve seen a massive increase in website clicks (7k+) and impressions (231k+).

Team takeaways

  • Who says your client’s services are too rare to market? If people are searching for it, then all you need is the right platform to give them the answer they’ve been looking for.
  • Is traditional SEO not cutting it? Time to get your coat on and start experimenting! Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what sticks.
  • Targeting an Urdu-dominant audience but need to use English keywords? Just mix it up with a bit of both, and don’t forget to throw in some videos for good measure. Who says language barriers have to hold you back?

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