Speeding to the Top of SERPs

It doesn’t matter how renowned your name is unless it topples over your competitors’ brands on search engines and stays on top of your target audience’s mind. That was the case with one of our clients. A popular car dealership honing one of the most well-known names in the industry. Then, our game-changing strategy came into the picture. The result? Right in front of you!




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Every Story Starts with a Challenge

  • The race to get the top spot in a crowded niche
  • Google’s mysterious & ever-changing algorithms
  • Keywords not finding their way to the first page
  • Audiences wandering to competitor websites

But Every Challenge can be Solved

And our Solution Started with a Strategy

Anyone who’s worked on SEO knows how unpredictable Google’s search algorithms are and how suddenly new updates can change the trajectory of your SEO progress. To tackle this, we had to first create a website that SERPs will favor and users will want to visit, maximizing it for mobile use as well.

Then, our plan of action was to target as many relevant keywords as possible without getting lost in the noise. But no content is useful unless it’s favorable to the audience, meaning we had to categorize content based on user intent.

The result? Eventually, 100+ keywords started ranking on SERPs for the brand.

Then, Came the First Page of Google

Once we’d gotten SERPs to recognize the brand, our next goal was to get ourselves to the first page. Because we know how people’s minds work, no one goes to the second page of Google unless absolutely desperate, and our target persona didn’t really fit that sample size (dense market, remember?). So we needed to travel to the first page to make an impact on our audience.

This started off with our goal to research FAQs from the audience, searching for keywords based on those and then generating content to answer their queries. In only a few months, this led us to rank 100+ keywords for the brand on the first page of Google. Our next milestone? Truly the dream of every SEO attempt.

The End-Game

When our team first started out with SEO, ranking as a Google snippet was the stuff of dreams; people talked about it, but we never experienced it, so we could only think of it as imaginary. But after generating chunk after chunk of informational, user-focused, and helpful content, we got the ultimate go-ahead from Google itself: an article snippet on the first section of the first page…

… And then they just kept on coming! First one, then another, then a third article started ranking on the first page as a snippet. After that, it became a very common occurrence. This then led to remarkable growth in users, leading to 4500+ website clicks, and a 160k+ increase in impressions, resulting in 130%+ new users engaging with the site.

Team takeaways

  • Effective keyword use can help your content get discovered and reach your target audience.
  • The more comprehensively you answer FAQs through your content, the more likely people are to visit your site instead of your competitors
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one type of topic – as long as it aligns with the brand’s personality and offers value to the audience, any content can help you achieve your goals.

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