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Digital Ninja visits Karachi University

By December 14, 2023No Comments3 min read

It has been an action-packed week for Digital Ninja at Karachi University! We made not one but two impactful appearances – one for a Digital Ninja workshop and another as guests in a Public Administration department masterclass panel discussion. Let’s dive into the details below.

Digital Strategy Building Workshop for Mass Communication Students:

Our week started with a Digital Ninja workshop designed exclusively for 2nd-year Mass Communication students. The agenda? Digital strategy building. We explored topics around digital marketing, buyer persona construction, USP development, content creation, channels, and KPIs.

The workshop wasn’t just about theory but hands-on learning and proactive engagement. The students were more than willing and energetic to participate, with a loud “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a WOW!” to end the workshop on a high note.

Panel Discussion on Public Relations and Media Management Masterclass:

The adventure continued as we moved onto a panel discussion titled “Public Relations and Media Management Masterclass” for Master’s students in the Public Administration department. Though it wasn’t a Digital Ninja session in itself, we embraced the opportunity to contribute as representatives of our training brand.

The panel featured industry insights, involving seasoned members from diverse fields, including media, corporate, digital marketing, and social welfare. The discussion, moderated by Zainab Rehman, Senior Strategy Head at Digital Eggheads, took a deep dive into public relations strategies and their relation to media, marketing, and public sentiments.

The lineup included Ms. Naveed Ali Baig, CEO of Al Khidmat Foundation and Innovative Pvt. Ltd., Rizwan Jaffer, founder of the Youth Parliament and GTV Anchor for the Made in Pakistan movement, Abdullah Jamal, Anchor at PNN, and Safeer E Hussain, Director Operations at Digital Eggheads.

This entire adventure didn’t just help us encourage students but also engage with industry experts and gain insights into the dynamic landscape of marketing. The week may have been busy, but it was undeniably rewarding. And we hope to be part of such activities through Ninja in the future as well.

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