Assigning messages: Managing Facebook Page Inbox becomes super easy

Today’s users want to communicate with your business in real time. With the increase in mobile usage, your customers can connect with you about everything conveniently. Businesses have to make sure that they manage this channel efficiently.

To further enhance this medium, Facebook has introduced a new page communication feature – “Assigning Chats” which will give page admins more control over the inbox and let them manage page messages smoothly.

What is “Assigning Chat” all about?

With plenty of user queries being received everyday related to different topics, it gets difficult at time to manage them. With this feature, a page admin can hand over specific messages to a particular member of a page.

Where I can find it?

– Go to your Facebook Page Inbox section
– Open any message available
– You will find an Unassigned option below the sender’s name.
– Click it, a pop-down menu will appear
– You can now assign or unassign queries to a particular person present in the list

How can it help businesses?

Being a communication manager myself, I know how hectic it gets to respond to all of your customer queries with the relevant and desired information. This updated feature intends to give page admins more control and flexibility over using page messages as a communication channel.

Queries like billing questions, sensitive customer complaints, order status etc. can be sorted out and directed to relevant people, which will not only help your business connect better with the customers but also let every member know what is happening at the customer’s end.

Does it have any limitations?

Yes, there are some limitations businesses will face if they are trying their hands on this feature. It does not allow assigning task to multiple people and will not be available on the pages managed by any third party tool like Business Manager.

We hope that the new page messaging features continue to roll out over the coming weeks. What do you think of the update? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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