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Mainstream | A blog by marketers, for marketers

By September 11, 2020November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

As marketers, we’re always on the lookout for good content – whether it’s for learning, inspiration, or even entertainment purposes. While the world has recognized and understood the importance of good content as a key to an industry’s growth, we felt that Pakistan had a long way to go mainly when it comes to content relating to marketing and growth. There’s no doubt that the blogger and content creation culture is gaining momentum in our country, but we still felt a gap when it comes to content relating to our industry.

To fill that gap, and to create a platform for marketers to share their experiences, opinions and learning, we created Mainstream.

A blog by marketers for marketers, Mainstream encompasses six main categories including marketing, IT & tech, growth & learning, MVPs, ventures, and entertainment. Our aim with Mainstream is to create an all-inclusive platform where people from different backgrounds and industries can come together to share, learn and grow together.

And why call it Mainstream? Because it’s the new normal! We’re bringing our experiences to the front, to be shared and adopted by the world. In other words, we’re being Mainstream.

Sounds interesting? It sure is!

Explore Mainstream and the articles we’re sharing on our platform to get to know more about the project.

And if you’re interested in being Mainstream, get in touch with us to write and share your insights with the world.

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