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Concluding the Digital Ninja Series

By August 20, 2018November 8th, 2023No Comments3 min read

We’ve just wrapped our workshop series, and we’re ecstatic!

After arranging three successful digital marketing crash courses and bootcamps, we wanted to arrange advance level courses where we could cover different avenues of digital marketing, while also catering to a larger audience.

In comes the Digital Ninja Series, which we’ve been working on for the past few months. Our idea for this series was to create a platform where brands could learn about the different tools of this field with experts from around the industry. Our workshops included digital strategy building, Facebook marketing, content marketing, SEO, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. The speakers included Mehdi KaramAli, Nofal Khan, Moosa Hemani, Sayem Mustafa, and Khurram Zahid.

We conducted these workshops at the Nest IO, which was a great experience for us. Not only did the partnership give our workshop a boost, but we also got to know about some of their very creative startups who also attended our sessions. Because Nest IO is a well known name in the startup scene in Karachi, and because of their ideal location, we feel like we couldn’t have gone for a better venue for these workshops.

Talking about the participants, we had people from varied backgrounds and industries attend our workshops, including people from Bonanza, Al-Karam, Avanza Solutions, the Dolmen Group, the Dawn Media Group, Echo Digital Marketing, i-Care Pakistan, Hilal Care, Learning Pitch and Edenrobe, to name a few. We not only trained the participants from these brands, but also got to learn a lot through their experiences.

We also got some great reviews about the workshops through our “Ninjas”, as we like to call our participants. Nida Siddiqui, Ecommerce Manager from Bonanza Satrangi said, “I must say these workshops were very informative, and I look forward to more of these sessions in the future as well.” About our SEO workshop, Dawood Khan from Avanza Solutions said, “The SEO session was especially fruitful, and the approach of the instructor of talking about the basics to the practical approach was really awesome.” Momal Ghouri, social media manager from Edenrobe, gave us this feedback about our Facebook workshop, “I have learned a lot of Facebook tools which I hadn’t experienced before, and this session was very informative.”

All in all, the Digital Ninja Series was a great hit. We’ve come a long way in our training programs, starting from ABC by DE with only six participants, to the Digital Ninja crash courses, and now the Digital Ninja Series – in which we got to train over 20 brands from all over Karachi.

Here’s hoping that this will be just one of the major milestones our team has achieved, and we hope to create more such training programs for marketers in the future.

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