Coronavirus Outbreak: Tips to Work Productively from Home

The entire world continues to fight the global pandemic Coronavirus & its resulting consequences. As part of this pandemic, many companies are shifting to work from home model to run their business operations while ensuring the safety of their team and to help reduce the spread of this contagious disease. The reality of the situation makes it reasonable to assume that the concept of “home office” is going to be the new norm to fulfill our job responsibilities, streamline business processes and keep contributing to our organizations until the outbreak is over and our lives return to normal.

It is true that while some people look forward to this new approach of working from the comfort zone of their own home, not worrying about the hassle of commuting & working as per their flexible schedules, working remotely during quarantine can actually be a tremendous challenge in terms of maintaining focus, staying productive & caring for our wellness.  

Are you working from home and are on the lookout for some tips to work efficiently & keep yourself motivated and positive? We’ve got you covered with this guide full of best practices for working from home that you can follow to maximize your effectiveness & mental health.

1 -Build a Comfortable Workspace:

The first pre-requisite of beginning to work from home during Coronavirus quarantine is to designate a specific work area that is comfortable yet practical enough to get your tasks done. This could be a separate area in your bedroom that you decide to turn into a home office by setting up a small work desk, a laptop, and some necessary office supplies to carry out functions smoothly. You also need to make sure that the workspace you allocate gives you a sense of motivation to work and is free from distractions to help you concentrate on the task at hand.
Build a Comfortable Workspace

2- Plan Your Day:

You will not be surprised to know that working from home requires having a more structured schedule than operating from office as it makes it easier to lose track of the tasks that are to be done throughout the day as well as there is high probability of neglecting priorities, tasks & potential deadlines. Therefore, it is imperative to plan your day ahead, align your task list, and set realistic goals and time limits for your tasks so that you’re able to achieve your targets without overwhelming yourself.

Plan Your Day

3- Set Flexible Work Hours:

The need to set flexible work hours cannot be stressed enough as doing so will not only allow you to manage your time effectively but also enable you to work peacefully. The key is to determine the time of the day when you’re most productive and devote that time to your work. Instead of forcefully following the traditional 9-5 schedule, it is wise to consider your ease and decide what works best for you and stick to it to yield optimum results.

Set Flexible Work Hours

4- Use Task Management Apps:

Team communication and coordination can be a serious challenge when working from home. Whether you want to manage your tasks or delegate your tasks to your team, the use of project management applications makes it easier for you to stay organized. In addition, these applications also help in monitoring the time spent on each task, the status of sub-tasks in the project and collaboration with your remote team.

Use Task Management Apps

5- Eat Healthy Meals:

Healthy eating is an essential component of living a healthy life and it becomes an even more important aspect of boosting your productivity levels as you work from home. Research has shown that eating a balanced proportion of fruits and vegetables can increase alertness, enhance productivity and improve our mental health. All of these outcomes are directly related to performing our best at work.

Eat Healthy Meals

6- Take Breaks to Rejuvenate:

Irrespective of the work setting that you’re in, it is extremely important to give yourself small breaks to refresh your mind. Roam around the house, make yourself a delightful lunch, catch-up with a friend over the phone or read a few pages from your favorite book, whatever you decide is the best way for you to unwind, make sure that you do not overwork and exhaust yourself. Take short breaks to uplift your mood, increase efficiency and creativity levels.

Take Breaks to Rejuvenate

7- Relax & Think Positive:

The upsurge of Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to mounting anxiety and uncertainty concerning health, finances, education and other domains of life. Therefore, it is crucial to take all the necessary steps to keep yourself calm and composed amidst the crisis and to remind yourself that we’re together in this and by following requisite precautionary measures and allowing our mind to relax, we will get through this time.

Relax & Think Positive

Whether you’re a team lead or team member, you need to ensure that all of your work from home practices are in line with the vision and greater good of your organization while leaving a room for work-life balance so that you not only deliver an impactful performance but also focus on your personal development in terms of your well-being and creativity.

How Team DE Works from Home:

At Digital Eggheads, we make sure that each day working from home is as fun as working from the office. To continue feeling inspired & uplifted, everyone from team Eggheads has set-up their own workspaces, we have regular Zoom meetings to foster & strengthen the team collaboration at its best, seek team input & provide necessary feedback to keep our operations running smoothly. And, did we mention? We’re using this quarantine to actively devote our time to personal development & grooming activities such as taking industry-relevant online courses, reading blogs, learning new skills and more.

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