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Team DE at ITCN Asia 2016 and more!

By October 6, 2016November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

The social media team at Digital Eggheads is exhausted, yet excited. September was an eventful month for all of us and we want to share a few details with you in our monthly roundup:

ITCN Asia 2016

The highlight of September was our participation in ITCN Asia 2016. One of the largest IT events in Asia, the exhibition was organized for the 16th year, providing both major and minor brands a platform to exhibit their products and services and allow the users of those commodities to get exposure to all the new and upcoming trends in this industry.

Our team was invited to the event by IBA, Karachi and we took this opportunity to launch our new initiative: Roar.

ITCN 2016 was a very educational experience for us and we’re honored to have been a part of this platform. It not only introduced us to new entrepreneurial and corporate ventures, but gave potential clients exposure to our agency as well. All in all, we had a great time at this event and we’re thankful to IBA for giving us this opportunity. Here are a few photographs from the event:


It happens a lot of times when brands reach a point when they face obstacles in their growth. The reason could be anything from low customer involvement to lack of social media standing. We have come up with a strategy which would help firms counter such obstacles, and we’ve decided to name it Roar.

With an aim to provide growth hacking solutions, we intend to use our expertise for brands who want one time solutions for the growth of their business. Our previous experience with brands like Zamzama Mall, Tavern Grill and have given us not only online/digital exposure, but also practical knowledge of how to execute digital campaigns on ground, and we intend to use that experience with brands who want to sign up to our services but don’t want to commit entirely to an agency.