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Digital Ninja X TMUC – A Marketing Training for Educators

By January 21, 2021March 17th, 2023No Comments2 min read

8th and 9th January – Digital Ninja is back – this time from Islamabad after a collaboration with The Millennium Universal College to train their staff and administration in digital marketing.

Education is one of the largest sectors in Pakistan, and being a continually growing industry, educators must know how digital can help them grow their institutes, and forward that knowledge to their students. This was the objective for Digital Ninja with TMUC – a program attended by TMUC’s nationwide team, along with employees and administrative members of TME’s campuses across the country.

NinjaXTMUC was a two-day customized workshop designed to help our participants understand the role digital strategy, buyer persona, and marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and such play in increasing awareness and reach for their institutes. We started by discussing how they can design a digital strategy for their brand, create a target audience that converts, what type of content they can create, and how to utilize digital marketing platforms to run their campaigns.

Safeer E Hussain, Co-Founder & Director Operations Digital Eggheads, Zainab Rehman , Head of Strategy & Mujtaba Asad Ali, Director Business conducted the training. The workshops were not only educational but also interactive, creating a mutual learning environment that was both fun and knowledgeable.

Talking about the workshop, Verda Aly, Manager Student Affairs & Communication from TMUC Lahore said, “Training and the trainers delivered promising content with hands-on case study-based activities, with summative assessments via quizzes. I personally feel it added a lot to my knowledge bank.

The effort invested in putting the right content together was a testament to the credibility of the content trainers were imparting, since they advocated the understanding of the right audience, time, goals and objectives profusely.”

All our participants were very keen on growing their digital knowledge, and we’re sure each of them took a lot back when the workshops ended.

Take a look at some photographs from our sessions.

And to know more about Digital Ninja, visit our page here.