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SEO Services – Canada

Let our tailored SEO services help empower businesses across Canada and reach new heights of success.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands

SEO Services

Boost your brand’s online presence with effective SEO strategies. Achieve sustained growth through increased organic traffic by enhancing your website’s visibility and rankings.

We provide top-notch SEO services to help your brand stand out in the crowded online landscape. Our approach involves thorough research and data-driven strategies, including a technical audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, and content optimization.

Looking for a certified SEO company in Toronto or expertise in SEO in Montreal? Let us establish a strong foundation for your brand, ensuring consistent high rankings and attracting potential leads to amplify your impact in the conversion funnel.

Competitor Research

On-page Services

Let our on-page SEO marketing tactics help your business get better discovered on SERPs while boosting organic traffic, CTR, & CR. We also refine keywords, optimize header tags, title tags, and images, perform internal linking, and publish high-quality content.

Campaign Design

Off-page Services

Maximize your brand’s reach and authority with the right off-page plan comprised of high-quality backlinks, and referrals. Our strategy also involves creating the right directories/listings, digital PR, guest-posting, and anchor text optimization.

Performance Tracking

Technical Services

No matter how complex the issue, our technical strategy offers a detailed audit & custom suggestions to solve it. Moreover, our services expand further to provide your brand with optimized URL structure, mobile optimization, improved page speed, secure HTTPS connection, XML sitemap, Robots.txt analysis, and canonical tags.

Search Engine Marketing

Enhance your chances of converting potential customers with high-intent traffic. Stay in sync with evolving platforms and effectively target your business’s ideal audience by increasing lead volume through our SEM services.

We adopt a comprehensive and multi-platform strategy, employing targeted approaches to optimize your lead funnel from start to finish in the purchasing journey. Our method involves integrating top-funnel traffic and bottom-funnel data into a customized strategy aligned with your specific objectives. From analyzing competitors to designing campaigns, we aim to maximize your return on investment.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Don’t overlook any opportunities to enhance your position with our thorough, factual, and insightful analysis of competitor research.

Campaign Design

Campaign Planning

Whether it involves fine-tuning current campaigns or introducing new ones, we tailor campaigns to align with your objectives.

Performance Tracking

Performance Analysis

Monitor your performance, quantify your return on investment, and make timely adjustments, necessary tweaks, and improvements.


Boost your visibility through Google search engine optimization with PPC and witness your brand soar to new heights. Dominate the search landscape with professional SEO and PPC services that take your business to the heights of Google search results, employing efficient keyword-based content and continuous monitoring for optimized performance and results.

Our PPC management strategies are tailored to your specific goals, seamlessly integrating with best practices to deliver optimal results. Whether you aim for more clicks or sign-ups, we track every aspect of your campaign from initiation, ensuring no resources are wasted in the process.

Search Ads

Attract high-quality leads by reaching potential customers actively searching for your products or services online through Google Search Ads. By leveraging strategic keywords, we ensure your business appears prominently in relevant search results, driving valuable traffic to your website.

Display Ads

Expand your online footprint on Google’s partner websites with Display Ads, connecting with individuals who have demonstrated interest in businesses similar to yours. Through visually engaging ad placements, we capture the attention of your target audience beyond search, fostering brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

Shopping Ads

Enhance the discoverability of your products directly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with Google Shopping Ads. This not only increases the visibility of your offerings but also boosts the likelihood of online sales. Optimize your product listings to stand out in search results, driving more conversions and revenue.

Shopify SEO

Optimize your Shopify store’s online presence with our specialized SEO strategies. We tailor our approach to the unique requirements of Shopify, ensuring your e-commerce site not only looks appealing but also ranks high on search engines. Maximize organic traffic and attract potential customers to your Shopify store with our effective SEO solutions.

WordPress SEO

Elevate your WordPress website’s visibility and performance with our dedicated SEO strategies. We understand the intricacies of WordPress SEO, implementing techniques to enhance your site’s rankings on search engines. By combining a visually appealing website with effective SEO, we help you attract organic traffic and potential customers to your WordPress site.

YouTube Ads

Maximize the impact of your YouTube videos, enhancing both brand awareness and sales. With over 2.1 billion monthly active users worldwide, YouTube stands as the second-largest search engine globally, presenting your business with a substantial audience.

If your video uploads aren’t yielding measurable outcomes, our YouTube video SEO optimization services can step in to enhance your results. We strive to increase views, comments, likes, and subscribers, simultaneously building brand awareness, driving web traffic, and boosting revenue. Enhance your business and surpass competitors by using the potential of optimized videos that secure higher rankings in search and gain organic traction on YouTube.

Drive Engagement

Establish yourself as a reliable source of information for your audience and upgrade your search rankings through meaningful engagement on your videos.

Gain Qualified Leads

Capture the interest of viewers who searched for your content, encouraging them to stay connected and convert into leads for your business.

Build Your Credibility

Establish credibility with your audience through your expertise, positioning yourself as an industry leader.

App Store Optimisation - ASO

Enhance your app’s visibility, boost downloads, and dominate the mobile arena. Improve your app’s discoverability, search rankings, and downloads by outperforming competitors in the fiercely competitive app store landscape. Utilize a research-based and tech-oriented App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy.

Did you know? With over 5 million apps available on iOS and Google Play, standing out for discoverability and downloads is a significant challenge. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) becomes crucial. Through a comprehensive ASO audit, competitor analysis, and agile experimentation, your app stands a strong chance of being the preferred choice. Take your app’s success to the next level with effective ASO tactics.

Growth Opportunities

Identify growth opportunities by uncovering the most downloaded categories and researching rapidly expanding markets.

Boost Organic Downloads

Optimize organic downloads by leveraging new app store features, enhancing creative elements, and embracing adaptability through increased testing.

Reduced CAC

Attain sustainable growth and reduce customer acquisition costs over the long term by focusing on organic app installs.

Content Strategy

An SEO agency is incomplete without the right content plan. Hence, we help you achieve higher rankings and improved conversion rates with content that precisely targets your audience. Our content strategy focused on SEO, not only positions you at the top but ensures you stay there. We delve into understanding your audience to convert visitors into customers. Ready to elevate your business to new heights?

Experience exponential growth through quality traffic, backlinks, and enhanced rankings. Our SEO-driven, audience-centric content strategy aligns seamlessly with the ever-evolving Google algorithms, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Stand out from your competition by optimizing your website content according to the best practices in search.

Competitor Research

Intent-Based Keywords

Prioritize user intent for effective conversions; focus on ranking for high-intent keywords rather than just any keywords.

Campaign Design

Know Your Analytics

Monitor the performance of your strategy using advanced analytics, gaining insights into areas for refinement and improvement, ultimately leading to better results.

Performance Tracking

Creative Suggestions

Develop outstanding content by incorporating creative suggestions on how to inform, delight, and influence your customers positively.

Achieving Heights of Success

We’ve made a remarkable impact on some of the largest brands we’ve partnered with. Wondering how? Through our integrated marketing services, enhancing rapid growth and increasing revenue.

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Furnishing a Decorative Presence

A car dealership honing one of the most well-known names in the industry, but struggled to compete on SERPs. Then, our SEO strategy came into the picture, and the rest is history.

Building Presence in a Specialized Niche

An obscure field, with audience and content so specific and unique, and time differences that made collaboration complex; all of this couldn’t stop us from achieving these amazing results.

Speeding to the Top of SERPs

Possessing a complex website that made it difficult for SERPs navigate, our main goal became to make the brand easily accessible through SEO. And that’s exactly what we did.

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