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Digital Eggheads Trains Ninjas to Market Food Businesses

By February 18, 2019March 9th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Friday, 15th February – A day we took Digital Ninja to a new level by arranging a very exclusive and tailored workshop specifically for food business owners and marketers. The workshop was held with MasterClass Pakistan, and was a great success for our team.

As a digital agency, we’ve been associated with a number of food brands and restaurants whom we’ve helped grow in the digital landscape by actionable campaigns and creative ideas. We wanted to share this expertise with the world with our very own training brand – Digital Ninja.

This workshop was held in collaboration with MasterClass Pakistan – a successful hospitality training brand which was the best fit for our workshop. Their kitchen provided a very ambient backdrop for our session as we discussed the options available to food brands and business owners on digital. It was conducted by Safeer E Hussain (Director Operations) and Zainab Rehman (Senior Strategy Specialist) from Team DE, and we were joined by Chef Abdul Hadi from the MasterClass team to talk a bit about Foodpreneurship.

Our workshop was attended by individuals who already owned their own food business – be it major brands or home based businesses. We also had participants from MasterClass’s Foodpreneurship program – a food entrepreneurship course which is part of their educational curriculum. During the workshop, we discussed the different components which brands like theirs needed to craft a successful digital strategy, the different aspects of food marketing which could lead to successful leads and sales, and the ways they could create a digital growth system for their brand.

Talking about the workshop, Idris Sardar, who was a participant representing BBQ Tonight, said, “It was a pleasure to be apart of the crash course today. I was surprised to have experienced such professionalism. Will look forward to any future courses.”

The rest of our participants were also very keen on learning the different concepts we had discussed in the workshop. All in all, it was a great experience for us, and hopefully for our participants as well.

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