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Digital Ninja

Digital Ninja with DHA Suffa

By March 8, 2022November 8th, 2023No Comments2 min read

The field of digital marketing has grown rapidly in the last few years. And so, it’s important to understand how crucial it is in the educational sector, so that students can easily understand basic digital concepts and create digital strategies when needed for potential clientele. Keeping this in mind, Digital Eggheads has always focused on teaching these important skills to students as well as teachers through a practical approach and industry-based case studies so that they can learn from a more personal perspective gained through experience in the field of digital marketing.

Recently, Digital Eggheads collaborated with DHA Suffa University for their social media course this semester to focus on training their students to create digital strategies, plan out how to execute them, and pitch them to potential clients/investors. The course was exclusively provided to the students of Computer Science to provide them with a better learning experience and teach them the industry’s best practices so that they’re better prepared for the practical world.

In this collaboration, Digital Eggheads’ Co-Founder and Director Operations, Safeer E Hussain, and the Head of Strategy, Zainab Rehman, were the facilitators throughout the duration of the course, helping with:

  • Reviewing the course content and suggested changes/updates.
  • Conducting sessions on social media strategies and related topics. Through these sessions, the students were guided about industry best practices for developing a digital strategy for an organization. This led the students on the right path to carry out their course projects related to developing digital strategies for an organization.
  • Further, DE helped in the evaluation of the projects as well. The objective of the evaluation was not only to assign marks, but also an expert and candid feedback on the projects from DE’s representatives to help the students understand highlighting points as well as shortcomings they can learn from.

The course was carried out by applying a project-based learning-by-doing methodology, in which the students were divided into teams and asked to find brands that had little to no presence on social media. Then, they had to apply all their learning into creating a digital strategy for the selected organization and make a pitch to present it. The project was guided and mentored by DE’s representatives, Safeer and Zainab, as well as the DSU faculty member, Ms. Eram Abbasi.

All the students that were part of the course were very keen on learning the different aspects of digital marketing and strategy building, and they took back a lot of important lessons as the course came to its conclusion.