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Digital Eggheads Launches New Training Brand at IBA-CED

By December 13, 2018November 8th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan is a growing industry, and each and every one of them bring something unique to the table. From customized business solutions, end-to-end problem solving options in various fields to organic food and medicine ventures, we see an influx of new businesses being announced and launched every few days.

It’s institutions like IBA who give budding entrepreneurs a platform where they can create a stable base before they can spread their wings. But while these institutes are doing a great job in assisting startups with operations, management and planning, a very big part of growing your new brand lies in how you promote it. New ventures, as we know, don’t have a very expansive budget, and thus, tend to favor digital as their go-to medium. And to explain to them how digital marketing and strategy works, we have introduced our new Digital Ninja brand – Ninja On The Go.

This brand is our way of giving back to the institutes and incubators like IBA who’ve contributed a lot in the entrepreneurial field. With Ninja On The Go we’ll be visiting universities and institutes to create knowledge and awareness of the opportunities digital provides to young entrepreneurs and business minded students.

We held our first On The Go session today at IBA-CED, where we met some of their very unique startups and got a chance to talk to them about the advancement opportunities available via digital platforms. Our main objective was to discuss the age of digital startups, and how brands have managed to grow themselves by being creative and standing out in their digital promotions. The session was attended by over 30 students and entrepreneurs, and we received a very good response from each and every one of them.

The session was conducted by Safeer E Hussain and Zainab Rehman, who talked about digital strategy and its key components, buyer persona building, content and platforms, and setting of KPIs which will help startups measure their digital success.

Here’s what Safeer E Hussain, a part of the Digital Ninja team and an IBA alumni, had to say about their new brand of workshops, “Universities and schools have a great resource of talented entrepreneurs, and incubators like IBA are giving them a great opportunity to enable their growth. Being a startup ourselves, we wanted to give back to such institutes, and play our part in the expansion of unique entrepreneurial ventures, and that’s why we’ve decided to launch Ninja On The Go, our new brand of training workshops where we’ll be visiting universities and talking to their talented alumni and students about how digital can create new horizons for them”.

IBA is the first stop in the (hopefully) long journey of trainings we’re planning to introduce in universities and institutions. With the commencement of this workshop, we aim to create new options for budding business people to use the trends and facilities available through digital.

If you want Digital Ninja to visit your university, contact us today by emailing us your details on [email protected], or get in touch here.