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Facebook F8 And What It Means For Businesses

By March 26, 2015November 8th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference has always been fascinating to people from the technical world. But, this time, the updates are so crucial, that the businesses can in no way ignore them.

1) Messenger for Businesses:

Facebook wants to change how customers communicate with brands and businesses — it wishes to turn them personal and real-time while putting an end to calling customer support or sending an email. In short, Facebook wants businesses to humanize and talk to people they same way we talk to our friends.

Apart from conversing, businesses will also be able to send updates on shipping orders through Messenger in the form of cards. In short, a Messenger thread will be having it all.

Businesses on Messenger in action. Photo Credit: TechCrunch

2) Send personalized push-notifications:

Imagine a user asked you for a product of your but it wasn’t in your stock at that time. With Businesses on Messenger–as Facebook has named it, you will be able to send personalized push-notifications to your customers. The charges? Currently nothing. But it means Facebook wants to be an alternative to SMS; and with the number of active users it currently has, the chances are quite strong it will be successful.

Use Messenger to send updates of your company.

3) Comments are becoming real-time:

The option to embed Facebook’s Comment system has been there for a long time. But businesses have been reluctant to integrate it and as TechCrunch said, “it’s been a while since it got much love”. Facebook announced to make its comment system real time this mean the comment left by a user on your Facebook post will be synced with the actual post on your website. Time to migrate from Disqus and Livefyre maybe?

Comments will now be same everywhere! Photo Credit: TechCrunch

4) It’s all about videos:

With this F8 Conference, the tussle between YouTube and Facebook videos has got stronger. Results have proved multiple times that uploading videos on Facebook has got more virality and reach than uploading them on YouTube and sharing the link on Facebook stream. While the option to embed Facebook videos on other sites was there, Facebook has now made it a lot easier–along with comments. With Facebook putting so much emphasis on videos, there is no way businesses should ignore this marketing channel.

3 billion videos are viewed on Facebook each day.

5) Reaching your audience through apps:

The F8 conference has a lot to offer for all those businesses having their own apps and developers who make apps for a living. Facebook has announced analytics for app that will give deeper insight of how people are using your app. Moreover, Facebook is bringing its anonymized data to LiveRail, the ad platform it acquired last year. This is an important news for both app developers and businesses: the developers can monetize their apps while businesses can now reach out to their potential customers on their favorite apps.

With LiveRail businesses will be able to reach effectively to their potential businesses.

The Day 2 of F8 Developer Conference is still to commence, and we will be posting it right here of how it will be impacting the businesses.